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So as you all obviously know, this site has sort of just died because I stopped posting stories. I lost inspiration, I hated what I’d written, I didn’t want to do it anymore.

But finally I gave myself the time to compile a list of new characters. A list of new ideas and storylines to work with. So I started writing again. But I didn’t want to put this new work here. Because while the content is the same, the heart that will be going into my new creations is not. I feel more deliberate about my writing, about what I want to put into words.

This website will remain, as an archive essentially. I know a lot of you like these stories, and maybe someday I will too. But for now, please feel free to visit my new site, and read some of my new stuff at overthekneesociety.Wordpress.com

Much love -LegendaryDanger

Apparently there *is* a bad time for coffee: Kacie+Peyton #2

Peyton yawned wide, shuddering in the early morning chill. Kacie had the window open and the misty air had cooled their house down rapidly overnight. It was only eight in the morning, but it still felt way too early for anyone to be awake. She headed downstairs, shutting the bedroom door as quietly as she could so as not to wake Kacie. She knew Kacie had been up late last night, the faint sounds of Family Guy coming from the tv and a clinking spoon against mug continued well past when Peyton herself had gone to sleep. Shuffling into the kitchen, she turned on the Keurig, already thinking about her first cup of warm coffee. She noticed Kacie’s mug sitting next to the machine, a spoon still perched inside. Out of habit Peyton picked it up to put it in the dishwasher, before she noticed there was a small puddle of what was definitely coffee in the bottom. Her brows furrowed and she sniffed just to confirm her suspicions, and smelled the sweet and slightly sour smell of hours-old coffee. Continuing her morning routine, her mind kept returning to the mug on the counter and the clinking noise she had heard off and on during the night. She definitely had some questions for Kacie, but they would have to wait.

Kacie groaned quietly and stretched, her arm finding an empty space and cold sheets next to her. She groggily opened her eyes and yawned, realizing that Peyton must have already left for work. She slowly got up and out of bed, her ankles being surrounded by their two cats, Dobby and Peeves.

“I know, I know. Breakfast time for the fluffs. I got it,” she said, scratching them both gently as she walked. She scooped some kibbles for them both and headed down the stairs for some breakfast herself. She turned the Keurig on out of habit, not noticing that her favorite mug had been placed in the dishwasher. She went through her morning routine, wishing Peyton was still home to cuddle with before work. Working different shifts like this was a bit of a struggle for them both, but they knew they would make it work until something better came along. Kacie left for work, smiling to herself at the sight of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and what a gorgeous day this was turning out to be.

On the bus ride home (Peyton took the bus to save gas, as did Kacie-just different busses), Peyton did a lot of thinking about the beginning of the beautiful relationship she shared with her girlfriend. She smiled to herself, remembering the awkward conversation that started it all. They were in Kacie’s car, driving to Peyton’s apartment at the time. It had been weighing on Peyton and she wanted to get it off her chest and out in the open. She already had really strong feelings for Kacie but she was scared that this part of who she was would scare the girl off.

“Oh come on. Just tell me what it is. Nothing you say could scare me off,” Kacie said, smiling at her from the driver’s seat. She was a vigilant driver, but she couldn’t help but keep looking over at Peyton, sitting so nervously in her passenger seat.

“I think maybe you should wait to hear it before you go making that choice. The real choice will probably be how far and how fast you should run,” Peyton said, with a wince. Her stomach was in knots, but she really wanted to do this. She needed to.

“Try me,” Kacie said, a little more seriously this time. She was beginning to wonder if maybe this girl had committed a murder or something.

“I um…well…how should I say this?” She started, her voice already wavering with nerves.

“Just say it. However you need to. I’m not going anywhere,” Kacie replied softly. Peyton nodded.

“Okay. Well…I guess…I guess what I want to tell you is that in relationships…I like when there is a certain amount of control and…discipline. Like…where if I do something wrong, you would punish me and if..if you did something wrong, I’d punish you,” She said, the words coming out far less eloquently than she’d hoped, and in a bigger jumble than she realized. Kacie was silent for several seconds before replying.

“I’m actually not sure I understand. Tell me more?” She said, being cautious with her words. Peyton felt a sharp twist in her chest and tried to keep her voice steady.

“Like, I’ve told you I’m into…spanking right? Well, it’s kind of more than that. I feel like spanking can be useful for more than one thing. But for discipline. Like, say I do something dangerous, or fail a test in school or something. I would like…for you to spank me. And vice versa,” she said quietly, staring directly at her hands. Again, her words were met with a short silence.

“That’s not that big of a deal, Peyton. This is what you’ve been worried about this whole time? Gosh you’re silly,” Kacie said, laughing. She reached over and squeezed Peyton’s knee. Peyton started to laugh a little, her chuckle slowly growing into a full on laugh.

Over time there were more conversations in which Peyton went more in depth explanation of what exactly domestic discipline would entail, and how it would work. Kacie was more than willing to try it, but was adamant about reminding her that she would need to be patient and help her along the way. They had decided that each person would have different needs and different means of discipline as well as ways of being disciplined. Peyton already knew that she wanted to disciplined in the general traditional form of a spanking; being put in her girlfriend’s control and punished until the lesson was deemed learned by Kacie. She needed the loss of control, the renewing feeling of crying her guilt and misbehavior away. However, after some deliberation, Kacie decided her own needs were a little different. It took awhile for Peyton to adapt, but it was new for both of them. As she stepped off the bus, Peyton had a feeling she was going to be revisiting those needs with Kacie over her knees later that night.  

Kacie couldn’t seem to shake the funny feeling she had in her stomach all day. She had no idea what was causing it, but she really wanted it to go away. The way Peyton was texting her throughout the day wasn’t exactly helping either. She’d taken on this serious, not very silly tone-which was unusual for Peyton. The girl could hardly contain her goofball self unless something was wrong, but she insisted there wasn’t anything to worry about and that she’d see her at home. She headed home at the end of the day, slightly concerned about what she might be walking into. She opened the door and quickly shut it, making sure neither of the cats got out. Dobby especially liked to escape, and he was difficult to catch once he was out. She could hear Peyton upstairs, typing away at her computer. Probably working on a paper or a homework assignment of some sort. She walked to the fridge and grabbed two beers, one for her and one for Peyton, before she headed up. She pushed the bedroom door all the way open, cursing the creak it always made. Peyton stopped typing and looked up, the corner of her mouth turned up. She spun in her chair a little to face Kacie.

“Hey gorgeous. How was work?” She asked, leaning back against the chair. Kacie grinned and set the beers down on the desk and knelt down to hug Peyton before replying.

“It was work, nothing too awful happened. How has your day been?” She asked nudging a beer so she’d take it. Peyton took the beer, but she didn’t open it. She stood up, stretching a little.

“It wasn’t so bad. Hey, how late were you up last night?” she asked gently, feeling Kacie out.

“I’m not sure. Probably two or three I’d guess. Why? Did I keep you up?” She asked, frowning a little, her arms curling perfectly around Peyton’s waist.

“No, not at all. Just out of curiosity though, what were you drinking last night?” She asked, wondering if Kacie was about to tell a lie or if she still hadn’t realized what she did wrong.

Kacie tilted her head a little in thought and scrunched up her nose.

“I think I had water. Oh! No, I had some coffee too” she said, but as the last words came out, they slowed down, like she realized her mistake with each syllable.

“Coffee huh? What kind?” Peyton asked, gently nudging Kacie out a bit so she could see her face when she spoke.

“Peyton, I…” she started, before letting out a long breath. “Regular coffee. I had regular coffee.” She said with a hint of embarrassment. Peyton nodded and kissed Kacie’s forehead.

“Thank you for not lying. And maybe you didn’t realize your mistake last night, but you realize it now, right?”

“Yes….ma’am,” Kacie mumbled.

Kacie was always more repentant and honest than Peyton. She rarely had issues admitting when she’d broken a rule, and she was generally respectful, even when she was about to be punished for it.

“Alright. So before we start in on these beers, I think we need to have a little talk. Go ahead and get out of your work clothes and into your pajamas. I’ll be in the chair.” Peyton said, patting Kacie on the butt before turning away to clear off a few books and a stray hoodie that had compiled on the punishment chair. It hadn’t been used in a couple weeks (surprisingly) so it wasn’t free of the clutter that comes with full time school work and full time work-work.

Kacie shuffled off to the closet, pouting to herself. She hadn’t been in trouble for weeks and she definitely wasn’t looking forward to this. As she shimmied off her uniform, she thought briefly of trying to plead her way out of this. But she knew it wouldn’t work. Caffeine after work was never okay, unless Peyton specifically okayed it. Sighing, she stepped out of the closet and back into the bedroom, seeing Peyton in the punishment chair. She hung her head and stood in front of her, ready to get this over with.

“Look at me, Kacie. Tell me why we’re here. And take those shorts off, you know you can’t have them” Peyton said, looking into Kacie’s eyes. Kacie shuffled a little, slid her shorts to the floor, and answered quietly.

“Because I broke a rule. The no caffeine after work rule.” She said, sniffling a little.

“And we have that rule for a reason, don’t we? So that you’re not up all night, like you were last night.” Peyton said, cocking an eyebrow.

“Yes ma’am.”

“Okay. Well considering you didn’t lie to me, this won’t be too bad. But I want it to be enough so that you’ll think twice before making coffee so late at night again. So I’m gonna give you 5 with my hand, 5 with the hairbrush, and a final 5 with the paddle. if you out your hand back, that one doesn’t count, as usual. Got it?”

“Yes ma’am,” Kacie repeated, looking back down at her feet.

“Good girl” Peyton said, taking Kacie’s hand in hers in order to pull her down across her knees. Peyton was considerably shorter than Kacie but this chair made it perfectly easy to have the longer girl bent over, without her legs and arms dangling awkwardly on either side. She had just enough height to touch the floor with her toes and the palms of her hands. Peyton put her hand on Kacie’s striped pink panties and waited for her to adjust. As soon as she had, Peyton slid her fingertips into the waistband of girlfriend’s panties and pulled them all the way to her ankles. She sighed happily to herself at the sight of the gorgeous ass that lay prone across her knees. Despite having to punish her girlfriend, Peyton never stopped admiring how beautiful and enticing her body was.

“Ready?” Peyton asked, as always making sure that she didn’t accidentally surprise Kacie. Kacie sighed softly and nodded, making her hands into gentle fists on the floor.

Peyton raised her hand and slowly delivered the first five smacks, alternating cheeks back and forth. The final smack was especially hard, centered across the middle of both cheeks. There was just a slight tint of pink on either side.

“Alright. That was your first 5. Remind me why we’re here, Kacie.” Peyton said, resting her hand on Kacie’s thigh.

“Because I broke a rule…and had caffeine after work” Kacie answered in almost a whisper. She rarely cried during her punishments, but she became quiet, repentant, and almost spacey.

“Good girl. The next 5 are with the hairbrush” Peyton said, leaning down carefully to grab it off the floor. She tapped it several times on each cheek, gently, before laying down two hard smacks rapidly, one to each side. Kacie’s body jerked in reaction, her muscles clenching involuntarily. A small whimper escaped her lips but nothing more. Peyton raised her arm and brought the brush down again, two more spanks landing with loud cracks. The final one was aimed just like the previous round, right across the center. Kacie’s hand flew back protectively, a moan of discomfort accompanying it.

“Move your hand, Kacie Lynn. That one doesn’t count.

“Please, Pey…it hurts” she whined softly, moving her hand after a quick rub. Before replying, Peyton brought the brush down again in the same spot, just slightly harder. Kacie howled but remained as still as she could, trying to be obedient. Peyton set the brush down on the floor, scooping up the paddle while she was leaning down.

“Alright. These are your last five. Tell me when you won’t be doing again, little one” Peyton said, tapping the paddle across Kacie’s pink cheeks while she waited.

“I…I won’t be drinking coffee that late at night ever again” she said, sniffling quietly.

“Good. Or this will be much, much worse for you, baby girl” Peyton said, raising the paddle. Kacie flinched slightly but barely had time to think before the first strike landed, followed quickly by the second. There was an immediate feeling of fire across Kacie’s ass and she wailed, making her hands into tight, shaky fists.

“Almost done, sweetheart. You’re doing great.”

Peyton raised the paddle a little higher before bringing it down two more times, raising little red welts on both of Kacie’s cheeks. Kacie’s fists turned into splayed fingers, as she desperately tried to remain still. Her vision was blurred by tears.

“Last one. Take a deep breath.” Peyton said quietly, giving Kacie a moment. Kacie took several shuddering breaths before they finally caught and she took a long, deep breath.

“Brace yourself” Peyton said, raising the paddle high before bringing it down the final time. The resulting crack seemed to echo through the house. Peyton put the paddle down and gently lifted Kacie up into her arms, snuggling her close. She wasn’t crying, not exactly. But she was shaking a little and her hands clenched tightly into Peyton’s shirt.

“I’m sorry. I love you…” she said quietly, closing her eyes. Peyton rubbed her back and kissed the top of her head.

“You’re forgiven, Kacie. And I love you too  forever and always.”

They spent almost half an hour cuddling on the chair, Kacie becoming more calm by the minute. Eventually Peyton helped her stand and they went together to the porch to enjoy a few cold beers (the ones Kacie had so thoughtfully retrieved earlier were now rather warm) and watched the sunset together. Kacie sat up a little taller than she normally would, having put an extra cushion on her chair. 

It’s Just The Beginning 

Kacie watched from the upstairs window of the townhouse as Peyton parked her Jeep out front (slightly crooked as usual. That girl couldn’t park straight, no matter how many times she backed up and tried again). Kacie smiled to herself and chuckled a little. Peyton was a handful at times, but she really did love the girl half to death. Peyton hopped out of her SUV and walked to the passenger side to get her backpack before heading inside. She had a funny feeling that she was being watched, but when she glanced up at the window, all she saw was the back of the bright blue curtains in their bedroom.

Those blue curtains really clashed with the sea foam green exterior of the building, but unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about it. Kacie offered several times to paint the building a better, more attractive color, but the owners refused. Thankfully the interior was free game, and they made it their own. Peyton smiled as she walked in, instantly smelling the aroma of home. Kacie always had some essential oils of one kind or another in a cute little diffuser, giving off different scents for different days or times. Today, it was one of Peyton’s favorites-tea tree oil. It was meant to relieve headaches and help with concentration. Just as she set her backpack down next to the door, Kacie came around the corner and grinned.

“There’s my girl! I was wondering if there was a bad accident or something. Was traffic rough today?” She asked, automatically enveloping Peyton in a hug. Peyton smiled and nudged herself in closer, loving the all-encompassing hugs that her girlfriend was so good at giving.

“Nah, it wasn’t too bad. I just decided to take the longer way home today to avoid the highway. I wanted to see the trees by the lake, they’re budding those gorgeous pink and white flowers now!” She said, smiling up at Kacie. Kacie smiled back and kissed her on the forehead.

“Maybe we’ll have to go for a walk after dinner so we can see them up close,” she said with a wink. She pulled back from the hug with a quick smack to her girlfriend’s unprepared back side.

Scuse you!” Peyton laughed before returning the gesture, with considerable added vigor. Kacie smiled to herself as she guided the smaller girl into the living room. 

“So tell me about your day? How was work?” She said, dropping onto the couch and gracefully pulling Peyton down into her arms. Once she got settled, she started her rant.

“Oh my gosh, it was crazy. We had so many intakes today. I couldn’t keep up with them all! I mean, we had 8 transfers from State alone, and the new juvenile facility gave us another 4!” Peyton sighed dramatically and pouted a little. Kacie shook her head with empathy and snuggled her girlfriend tighter. 

“Sounds like a rough day. How was class before that? Psychopharmacology, right?” She asked, knowing full well that was the class Peyton was supposed to be in today. Kacie’s friend from her own college days, Jack, was the professor of that particular class. Peyton was under the impression their friendship was very basic and did not involve Jack regularly informing Kacie of her girlfriend’s progress in his class. So when she answered, she didn’t realize how little she could stretch the truth.

“Oh! It wasn’t too awful. Just some video watching, a little lecture. Nothing major.” She said, eager to change the subject. “Tell me about your day?” She said, kissing the exposed skin on her girlfriend’s arm. Kacie’s eyes narrowed and she tilted her head slightly. 

“I thought you were getting an exam grade back today, were you not?” She asked, squeezing Peyton’s side lightly. 

“Oh! Um, nah. We’ll probably get those back next week or so.” Peyton said shrugging. “Can you tell me about your day?” 

Kacie took a slow breath but kept her cool. 

“Well I did some laundry, washed the dishes and made our lunches for the week. And then Jack called this afternoon so we spent some time chatting.” She said, letting that information sink in. Peyton swallowed and decided maybe she shouldn’t be laying in her girlfriend’s clutches.

“Oh. That must have been nice. What did….you and Jack talk about?” She ventured, trying not to move or sound guilty.

“Well he was telling me about how the semester is going so far, and that he’s a little concerned about your grades. So is there anything you’d like to tell me?” Kacie said, her hand resting on Peyton’s hip. Peyton considered lying but clearly she had no way out, and she’d already lied once. 

“We got our test grades back. I got a D…minus,” she said, sighing. There was a painfully long pause before Kacie nudged Peyton so she’d stand up off the couch. Peyton did (reluctantly) and stood in front of her very disappointed looking girlfriend. Kacie stood, her full height dwarfing Peyton. 

“You lied to me, Peyton. And we have rules about your grades. Jack told me your overall grade is a C minus. How many rules does that mean you’ve broken?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. Peyton looked down at the floor, fiddling with her hands. 

“Um…three. Ma’am,” she answered quietly. She knew she was in deep trouble at this point and there wasn’t much she could do to get out of it besides tell the truth. 

“Three. What am I going to do with you, Peyton?” She asked, shaking her head. Peyton knew that everything Kacie did, she did it with love. Still, Peyton knew what was coming and she really REALLY didn’t want it. Kacie wrapped her girlfriend in her arms and kissed the top of her head before pulling away. 

“Let’s get this over with. Go wait for me in the bedroom” she said, patting Peyton’s ass as she walked away. Peyton gave the biggest pout she could manage before slumping away up the stairs. She very clearly didn’t want what was coming to her, but she obediently sat in the punishment chair as soon as she got upstairs. She tried to enjoy the cushion as much as she could whilshe had the chance. The cushion was only helpful to the person sitting in the chair while the punishment was being administered, which was not where Peyton would be this time around. In fact, thinking about it, it had been awhile since she’d been the one sitting down during a spanking. 

“Wow. Kacie has been really well-behaved lately,” she said quietly, with a touch of envy. 

“Maybe you should take notes,” Kacie said, appearing in the doorway. Peyton jumped and then scowled, but kept her mouth shut. Kacie smiled to herself and gestured for her girlfriend to stand. Peyton complied; rather slowly, but complied none the less. Kacie sat down in the chair and took Peyton’s hand, pulling so she’d stand in front of her. 

“Tell me why we’re here,” she said, looking up at Peyton with her serious eyes. Peyton looked away from Kacie, her gaze falling to the floor with shame. She shrugged and sniffled, not willing to play along. Kacie knew she hated this part, but always insisted it was part of the process. 

“Come on. You’re in enough trouble already. Don’t push it,” Kacie urged, gently squeezing Peyton’s hands. Peyton sighed quietly and said her response to the floor, “I got a bad test grade, my grade isn’t good, and I lied.” Kacie nodded and released Peyton’s hands. She reached forward and started unbuttoning her fidgeting girlfriend’s jeans before yanking them to her ankles. “Come on” she said, moving her hands so Peyton had room to bend over her thighs. Peyton balanced herself, her face turning a little red like it always did at the thought of her ass being this vulnerable. She closed her eyes when she felt Kacie’s hand rest on her cheek and the other arm wrap around her waist. “I’m sorry,” she whimpered hopelessly. Kacie’s hand lifted from Peyton’s ass and hovered for just a second, before she replied,“You will be,” and started a barrage of hard smacks, volleying back and forth with rhythm. Peyton kept quiet, wincing at the sharp sting she still wasn’t accustomed to. She knew it would only get worse from here. After less than a minute, Kacie paused and hooked her fingers in the waistband of Peyton’s boxer briefs. 

“Time for these to come down. I was being nice giving you a small warm up,” she said while sliding the final layer of protection down to the backs of Peyton’s knees. Almost immediately, a new flurry of harsh smacks was landing on Peyton’s bare cheeks. Now she felt no shame in whimpering. 

Owww Kace I’m sorry, please. I swear I’ll get my grades up,” she whined, putting a hand back to cover one cheek. The consequential harsh smack to the middle of her thigh made her yelp and immediately remove her hand. 

“You know better than to put your hand back here and I’m glad to hear that,” Kacie replied, not slowing down her rhythmic spanking. Peyton put both hands firmly on the floor and whined quietly to herself. After what felt like hours (but was really just minutes), Peyton’s bare ass was a decent dark shade of pink. Kacie leaned down to pick up the paddle she’d grabbed on her way upstairs. They kept most of their more conspicuousimplements in a bin in one of the storage closets, where no snooping house guests would bother to look. She tapped it firmly across the center of Peyton’s ass. 

“Remind me why we’re here,” she said, her tapping wasn’t gentle, so each tap made the squirming girl over her knees squirm just a little more. 

“Because of my grades…and because I lied,” she said pathetically. She brushed a stray tear off her face before putting her hands back down. Kacie shifted her legs a little, bringing Peyton’s ass into a much more lifted, prone position. 

“Correct,” she said, before bringing the paddle down with a loud WHACK across the middle of her girlfriend’s cheeks. Peyton jumped, her hand flying out to the side of her before she caught herself. She made a fist and lowered it to the floor with what appeared to be a great deal of difficulty. 

“Good girl,” Kacie cooed, though not interrupting her rhythm with the paddle. She had to wrap her arm a little tighter around Peyton’s side to prevent her from wriggling quite so hard, but she was pleased with the girl’s obedience thus far. “She must know what she’s got coming after this,” she thought to herself. 

As the paddling continued, Kacie watched her girlfriend’s bare ass turn from pink to red, to dark red. She prided herself on being as precise as possible-not only because she liked a job well done, but because she wanted each spank to mean something-to prove a point. The point being that she loved Peyton, and that if sometimes it meant providing a little correction or guidance on occasion-she would do it and do it well. 

Peyton’s silent crocodile tears slowly became cries interspersed with yelps and groans, and had finally become real tears that soaked her face and were making a small puddle on the floor. Kacie gave her a final few hard smacks, making sure to aim for the sit spots, where there were already some small bruises forming. Peyton howled, her body jolting with each well-placed spank. Finally Kacie put the paddle down on the floor and carefully rubbed her girlfriend’s punished ass. Peyton cried quietly, letting herself process the punishment thus far. Once she quieted down, Kacie helped her stand and stood up with her. 

“We’re nearly done sweetheart. Look at me, love,” Kacie said, waiting for Peyton’s blue green eyes to meet her own. 

“You know how I feel about dishonesty. It is never okay. Ever.I’m extremely disappointed in you, and I’m very hurt that you felt it was okay. What do you have to say for yourself?” She asked, her eyes bouncing back and forth between Peyton’s. Peyton managed to maintain eye contact, showing her sincerity. 

“I’m sorry, Kacie. I’m really sorry. I never should have lied. I never have before, and I don’t know what came over me. It won’t happen again, Kacie,” she finished, a fresh torrent of sobs taking over. Kacie pulled her close and hugged her tight, one hand gently pressing the girl’s head to her chest. 

“We’re going to deal with it. It will be okay. But I need honesty from you at all times. Okay?” She asked, eventually pulling away from the embrace. Peyton nodded solemnly and stared intently at the floor, the tears still coming. 

“I need you to put your hands on the seat of the chair for me and keep your legs a little apart so you don’t fall,” Kacie said, unbuckling her belt as gently as she could. She knew Peyton hated the sound of a belt being whipped out of its loops, and she needed her to stay as calm as possible. Peyton obeyed silently, trying to forget how much of her was now exposed to Kacie. She closed her eyes, trying to prepare herself for what was to come. 

“You’re getting ten, Pey. Stay in position for me sweetheart,” Kacie said, positioning herself behind and to the side of her girlfriend. Folding the black leather belt in her hands, she took adeep breath. She raised her arm and brought the belt down fast and hard, leaving a visible line across Peyton’s red ass. A low groan was all her girlfriend gave, trying valiantly to behave herself. The next four strokes left lines above and below the first, and resulted in the same reaction from Peyton. The sixth stroke landed almost directly on top of the line from the first, inciting a howl from the punished girl. The next two were met with louder howls, and a serious struggle to remain in position, and the final stroke resulted in sobs of both relief and pain. Kacie set the belt down and gently pulled Peyton to a standing position before enveloping her in her arms. 

“I’m so sorry. I’m sorry,” Peyton said between her tears, holding onto Kacie as tightly as she could. Kacie held her up and kissed her head. “It’s okay. It’s over now. You have a fresh slate baby girl. You’re okay,” she said, keeping the crying girl as tightly held as she could until the tears subsided. Peyton eventually pulled away, wiping her eyes.

“I love you, Kacie,” she said quietly. 

“I love you too, Peyton,” she replied softly, kissing her girlfriend’s forehead and then her lips. 

The remainder of the day was spent with plenty of cuddles, kisses and warm smiles. They took a long walk around the lake to admire the blooming trees and the adorable duck family that had just had baby ducklings. Peyton walked with a little tilt, trying to keep her sore ass from rubbing against her jeans, but thankfully the other park goers didn’t seem to notice. 

Out of Hand Part Three-Finale

Kennedy sat on the couch, playing with her phone. She knew that Jordan should be home any minute from the airport. She always hated that Jordan wouldn’t let her drive her there and pick her up, but she claimed that the drive there was “therapeutic”. So she didn’t argue the point. Kennedy knew that today was going to suck, massively, so she was trying to cheer herself up a little bit with some cat videos on Youtube. That usually did the trick. But she couldn’t shake the gnawing feeling in her stomach. She’d spent almost an entire hour watching videos before she finally heard Jordan’s suv pull into the driveway. She took a deep breath and set her phone down on the coffee table, hopping up to get the door for her girlfriend. Jordan was just about to open the door herself when Kennedy flung it open. She leapt at her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around the women she’d been missing for the last three days. Jordan grinned and lifted Kennedy off her feet, spinning her around a little bit.

“There’s my baby girl. I missed you so much” She said, kissing the top of her smaller girlfriend’s head. Kennedy smiled and closed her eyes, relishing in this blissful, happy moment. Eventually, the two seperated and Jordan sighed.

“I need to get settled in and then we can talk” she said, kissing Kennedy on the cheek. Kennedy nodded and went to sit back down on the couch, but was stopped by Jordan.

“No baby. In the corner. Pants and boxers off, with your hands on your head. I’ll be back for you in a few minutes.” She sat, swatting Kennedy in the center of her ass. Kennedy jumped and did as she was told, standing obediently in the corner, waiting to be retrieved. She wanted to keep her promise, that she’d take her punishment like a good girl. She stood with her hands on her head and her feet were shoulder width apart. She could hear Jordan making a bunch of noise in their bedroom upstairs and couldn’t help but wonder what it was she was doing. Jordan came down several long minutes later with a handful of dreadful items. Kennedy dared a single glance and then turned back to the corner, wincing.

“I want your nose touching the corner, Kennedy Ray. Don’t look back again” Jordan said. Her voice was completely stern now, she meant business. She went off into the kitchen for a few minutes and Kennedy sighed quietly, wondering how long this awful corner business really had to last. At last Jordan came to get her. She took Kennedy by the wrist and guided her to a chair that Jordan had taken from the kitchen.

“Kneel on the chair. On your knees.” Jordan said, helping Kennedy up even though she didn’t need it. Then walked away again. Kennedy pouted. This whole waiting business was killing her. She’d already waited over 24 hours for this stupid punishment. Her resolve to take her punishment like a good girl was quickly wearing down. Jordan came back just as this thought occured to her, almost as if she could read Kennedy’s mind. Jordan put a hand on her girlfriends upper back, bending her over the back of the chair as much as she could. The back of the chair was fairly tall, so it really only bent her over at the chest. She held her there and started a barrage of harsh smacks to Kennedy’s exposed cheeks. Suddenly Kennedy realized how much this hurt her knees, but she couldn’t move much anyways. She just yelped out in pain, her hands flailing out sideways.

“Hold onto the other side of the chair” Jordan said, swatting the girl’s sit spots hard until she complied. She continued the spanking for another thirty seconds before unpinning Kennedy.

“You can stand up now, little one” she said, offering help again. Kennedy needed it this time, her knees really hurt from kneeling. Kennedy remained silent apart from a few stray sniffles. Jordan took her chin in her hand and lifted it, forcing the smaller girl to look her in the eyes.

“Talk to me. Tell me why you’re getting punished.” She said, still keeping a grip on her girlfriend’s chin.

“Um…because…because I broke basically all the rules you gave me before you left… I got too drunk, I invited too many people over, I made a huge mess of the house…I was just…a very bad girl…” Kennedy trailed off, a tear sliding down her cheek. Jordan kissed her forehead and released her chin.

“On the couch. Lay on your back.” She said, walking over to the things she’d brought from upstairs. She’d laid them out in a line on the dining room table. She picked up a wooden spoon, and tapped it on her palm as Kennedy got into position. Kennedy hated this, she knew exactly what was coming. She definitely wanted to argue, but she knew that it would get her nowhere, and she really wanted to keep her promise. Jordan strode over to Kennedy and as soon as she was comfortably on her back, she took her girlfriend’s ankles in one hand and lifted them up, until they were even with Kennedy’s collar bone. She could see Kennedy’s face was pink from embarassment. It almost matched her ass. Jordan fought the urge to smile at the thought. She knew Kennedy hated this position, it was extremely exposing and it pulled her skin tight, making the sting significantly worse. Jordan started to spank with the wooden spoon, hitting fast but with only a medium amount of force. There was no choice involved, purely on instinct, Kennedy started to wiggle. The lack of pauses in between blows was difficult to handle, especially with a wooden spoon. Jordan kept this up for several minutes, turning Kennedy’s ass a nice shade of red. Finally she let her girlfriend have some dignity and put her legs back down. Kennedy wasn’t crying yet, which was surprising. But also good, because they had a long way to go.


Jordan put the wooden spoon back on the dining room table and picked up the lexan paddle. She paused for a moment, tapping it on her palm. She sighed a little to herself and walked back over to Kennedy. She really didn’t like punishing her girlfriend so severely, but she had to, in order to keep her in line. They both agreed that this was something they needed. Kennedy saw the lexan paddle and bit her lip to keep from protesting. It was in her nature to protest, so fighting all these urges was very difficult for her. Jordan wordlessly lifted Kennedy off the couch by the crook of her arm and walked her to the back of the couch. She bent her over it, adjusting her so that her hips rested on the very edge of it. She had to stand on the tips of her toes to keep from falling over the other side. Jordan tapped the paddle on her red cheeks, but didn’t start spanking yet.

“You completely disobeyed me. You know better than to drink so much that you can’t even speak correctly. You know that you could have controlled how many people came into our house, especially ones that you did not know. And you got so shit faced that you couldn’t keep our home from being trashed. I will not tolerate being disrespected like this, Kennedy. You know better than this. I am disappointed and hurt. Next time I go out of town for any reason, you will be grounded. No one will come over here, and you will go nowhere. Do you understand me?” She said, bringing the paddle down once, hard. Kennedy yelled out in pain and surprise.

“Ah…y-yes Jordan” she answered quietly. Jordan brought the paddle down across Kennedy’s thighs.

“Try again” she said, waiting. Kennedy wailed, her legs flinging themselves up protectively.

“Yes…ma’am” she answered, the tears starting to fall. Jordan used the edge of the paddle to push Kennedy’s legs back down before bringing it down across her cheeks again. It had a lot of power, this paddle. It left a prominent dark mark in its wake every time it fell. Kennedy began to cry loudly as her ass turned from bright red to dark. Jordan stopped and walked back to the table. She set the paddle down and picked up a small rope. She walked back to Kennedy and bound her wrists together, securing the rope by knotting it up Kennedy’s arms. This was new for her, this almost-bondage restraint technique. Kennedy didn’t argue, but she was still crying from the ordeal with the lexan paddle. Jordan let her have a moment while she walked over to the table. She picked up a spray bottle and walked back to her girlfriend. She gently helped the girl walk back around the edge of the couch and guided her over her knees. She adjusted the bound, crying girl and then began spraying her burning cheeks with the spray bottle. Kennedy visably jumped, shocked at the cold, and then relaxed. The water felt good. A welcome reprieve from the heat that had been manifesting. Jordan knew this relief wouldn’t last long, not long at all. She set the bottle down once Kennedy’s ass was completely soaked. She started hand spanking her, the echo of the stingy blows sounding through their living room. Kennedy began to wail again, realizing how much more being spanked hurt with wet skin. She couldn’t help it anymore, she had to do something.

“Please! Please, JoJo! I  learned my lesson…I”ll never drink that much again, I swear!

Jordan immediatly lifted Kennedy off her knees. She strode over to the dining room table and go the strap. She came back, pulling Kennedy back over her knees. She held the strap in front of Kennedy’s mouth.

“Open” she said, waiting for compliance. When Kennedy timidly opened her mouth, Jordan put the strap in her mouth.

“Bite down. I don’t want to here anything else from you” she said, spraying Kennedy’s cheeks again with the spray bottle. Kennedy whimpered, knowing she couldn’t actually protest anymore anyways, it was impossible. It would only come out as mumbles. Jordan resumed spanking her with her hand, pleased at the lack of pleas and protests from her bratty girlfriend. She knew that Kennedy wasn’t actually disobeying her by telling her she’d learned her lesson. But she didn’t want Kennedy to have the option to ask for mercy. Not now. She needed to learn, completely and fully, what happens when she broke this many rules in one go. Her poor bottom was turning a darker red, almost purple. Jordan slowed her rate, making sure her hand was falling extra heavy. She wanted Kennedy to feel this for several days, especially when she sat down. Kennedy was full on sobbing now. After several minutes. Jordan stopped.

“We’re almost done, little one” Jordan said, standing her up. She took the strap from Kennedy’s mouth and guided her to the corner again. Once there, she utied Kennedy’s hands and rubbed her wrists where the rope had dug in a little bit.

“Wait here for me, sweetheart” she said, putting her girlfriend’s hands on her head for her. Kennedy’s cries quieted, as she calmed herself down. She thought about how she got hersef here. The stupid decisions, the rules she broke. She could have handled things way better, if she had even bothered to try. Instead she let things happen, and spiral completely out of hand. Which rightfully ended her here. She felt so bad for disappointing Jordan. She never wanted to disappoint her, or to hurt her. But that is exactly what she did. She knew full well that she deserved exactly what she was getting, and more. But Jordan wasn’t abusive. She was just making her point. She knew Kennedy’s limits. She would take care of her.

“That nose better be touching dry wall, missy” Jordan called from the kitchen. Kennedy made sure it was, her hands firmly planted above her head and her feet apart. She was doing the best she could to show Jordan her remorse.


Jordan came back several minutes later holding a belt in her hand.

“Come here, Kennedy” Jordan said, standing behind the couch. Kennedy walked slowly, her tears still falling, but silently. She stopped when she was about three feet from Jordan.

“You will never do anything like this again, will you?” Jordan said, watching her very sorry girlfriend. Kennedy shook her head and looked at the floor.

“I wont, JoJo. I should have stopped the other people from coming. I should have stood my ground. I should have also stopped drinking when I knew I was at my limit. I was very disrespectful to you and I was extremely out of hand. I’m sorry for hurting you, for disappointing you” Kennedy said, looking up at Jordan, tears streaming down her face. Jordan nodded, and helped Kennedy bend back over the back of the couch.

“Hold onto the cushion. Do not stand up. Do not reach back here, and do not lift your legs. Is that clear?” She asked rubbing her girlfriend’s back a little. Kennedy nodded and sniffled.

“Yes, ma’am” she answered.

“Good girl” Jordan said, tapping the belt against Kennedy’s cheeks. She reared back and brought it back down, leaving an angry purple stripe on her girlfriend’s ass. Kennedy yelled out in pain, but stayed in position. She started to shake a little, scared to think of how many strokes she’d have to take. Jordan gave her a second to control herself before raising the belt again and bringing it down just as hard. Kennedy howled, digging her nails into the couch cushions. Jordan’s heart ached, but she had to do this. She brought the belt down on her sobbing girlfriend a total of ten times, leaving Kennedy’s ass striped and severely bruised. She set the belt down and lifted Kennedy very gently into her arms, Kennedy grabbed handfuls of Jordan’s tshirt and buried her face in her girlfriend’s shoulder. She sobbed, her body shaking with her cries. Jordan rubbed her back and shushed her, telling her she was okay, that she was forgiven. They stood like that for several minutes as Kennedy collected herself, calming her cries. Eventually she pulled away from Jordan and looked up at her.

“I’m so sorry Jo. I promise I’ll never do anything like that again” she said quietly. Jordan kissed her forehead and smiled.

“I know you wont, baby girl. I love you. You’re completely forgiven. Its all over. Let’s go get you some lotion upstairs, okay?” Jordan led her punished girlfriend upstairs to their bedroom. She helped Kennedy lay down on her stomach on the bed. While Jordan’s fingers slowly worked the lotion in, Kennedy slowly stopped crying.

“Jo? I…have something else to tell you” she said quietly. She had a pillow under her chest that she was hugging, and she hugged it a little tighter as she said it. Jordan stopped rubbing lotion in, concerned. It sounded like it was going to be a confession, which might mean Kennedy did something else wrong. Her poor ass really couldn’t take more punishment.

“What is it, baby girl?” Jordan asked, keeping her tone even and steady. Her hands hovered over the girl’s red cheeks. Kennedy took a deep breath.

“When you called me on the phone….when you told me that I’d be getting a spanking I’d never forget…” she trailed off, unsure of how to word this.

“Kennedy, what happened? You’re freaking me out” Jordan said, leaning back a little. Kennedy cleared her throat.

“Um. Jazz heard you. She heard you tell me I was getting spanked when you came home. So….I kinda had to tell her and Frankie. About this. About everything. Otherwise she was going to continue assuming that….that you abuse me. I couldn’t let her do that” she finished, hiding her face in the pillow. Jordan paused for a moment before starting to laugh. Her laugh grew, and Kennedy couldn’t help but start to laugh a little with her. Once Jordan got ahold of herself she resumed rubbing the lotion into her girlfriend’s punished cheeks.

“Oh my goodness, Kennedy. I thought you were going to tell me you punched a hole in the dry wall or that your car was stolen or something ridiculous. You poor thing. That had to have been so awkward. What did they say to you?” She asked, a smirk still on her face. Kennedy looked back at Jordan and pouted.

“They thought it was funny too. Everyone thinks me getting spanked is funny, except me!” She humphed back into the pillow, grumbling. Jordan’s hands were mostly clear of lotion now and she raised an eyebrow. She adjusted herself and spanked the center of the back of Kennedy’s thighs, once on each thigh. She hit hard, making sure she made a mark. Kennedy howled, the previously untouched part of her thighs burning. Her eyes flooded with tears.

“I do not find it funny that I have to put you across my knee to get you to behave yourself, Kennedy Ray Arlington. I find it necessary, and I find it helpful. You have a penchant for misbehaving, and someone has to keep you in line. What I was laughing about was that you made it seem like you had some deep dark secret to tell me, when in reality, you just had to admit to me that your best friends are now aware of the fact that you get turned over my knee and spanked when you do something bad.” Jordan lifted the pouting girl up into her arms, holding her tight.

“I don’t like to hurt you, and I do not find it funny. You are my everything, my whole world. I discipline you because I love you. Nothing more, nothing less. Okay?” Jordan said, kissing the top of Kennedy’s head. Kennedy nodded and cuddled closer to her girlfriend.

“I know. I’m sorry, Jordan. For everything” she said quietly. Jordan smiled.

“It’s all forgiven, my love. Now, I got you something from Boston. Let’s go get it” she said. Kennedy grinned and hopped up, wincing only slightly. Jordan took her downstairs and handed her the little wooden box. Inside were little chocolates, shaped like penguins. Kennedy set it down and hugged Jordan tight.

“You’re the best girlfriend ever!” she said, laughing. Jordan grinned and lifted her girlfriend up off her feet, spinning her around.

“You said L.A. Burdick was your favorite right?” She said, setting Kennedy back on her feet.

“Yes, ma’am! You gotta try one, they’re totally worth ruining the cuteness to eat them.”


They spent the rest of the night cuddled up on the couch under a blanket, watching Criminal Minds and eating little chocolate penguins. Jordan was happy to be home, happy to have her girl in her arms again. Kennedy was relieved and content, snuggled up in the blanket with her favorite person in the world.
The End

Out of Hand Part Two

Once Jazz (Kennedy really wasn’t much help) cleared out the last of the strays, the three of them set to work on cleaning up the house. It wasn’t going to be a quick thing, they had a lot of really unpleasant work to do. Kennedy started on the kitchen, a little pissed off that she’d spent an entire evening deep cleaning it just a few days prior, only to have to do it again now. Jazz was working on the spilled beer on the couch, and Frankie was collecting beer cans and cups into one of the giant black lawn bags Jordan kept stashed in the garage. They spent several hours in near silence, cleaning, scrubbing, gagging. Finally, the house looked basically back to normal. There was a cigarette burn hole in one of the dining room chairs and the beer stain in the couch wasn’t really going anywhere. But it was the best they could do.
“Thank you guys, for helping. It means a lot.” Kennedy said, playing with her hands. She was still absolutely dreading Jordan coming home, so the idea of her friends leaving her tonight made her even more sad. Jazz hugged Kennedy, rubbing her back a little.
“Kid, can we talk? About…earlier?” She asked, glancing at Frankie. Kennedy sighed and nodded. She sat down at one of the dining room chairs, Frankie and Jazz following suit. She played with her hands for several silent minutes. She’d never really told anyone before about what her and Jordan had. About their lifestyle. She really didn’t ever expect to need to. But she knew that Jazz heard the threat come from Jordan, and that she wouldn’t let it rest until she understood what it meant. Kennedy cleared her throat.
“I um…well. When Jordan and I started dating…we kind of decided on something. I…basically.” She said, stopping. She had no real idea how to phrase this. These were her best friends. The two people who had been by her side since she was 12. They had seen her through good and bad times. She had to be able to tell them this.
“Well you guys know what Dominant and submissive means, right?” She asked, timidly. Both of them nodded. She continued, “Well, it’s kind of like that. Except…different. I guess you could call her my…disciplinarian. She doesn’t really dominate me in any way except when I’ve done something that we’ve both agreed is wrong.” she said, trailing off. Neither of them said anything, and were doing a good job of remaining stoic.
“uh. I guess…I guess what I’m saying is that, she spanks me as punishment when I do something bad. Its called domestic discipline. It’s consensual, I swear I’m not being abused. It’s something we both agreed is good for us. It keeps me in line and um…gives her a sense of control and allows her to take care of me the way she wants to. So. Yeah.” she finished, feeling her face burning hot with embarrassment. There was a long silent pause before Jazz and Frankie both burst out laughing. Frankie was the first to speak.
“Dude. So she like, she spanks you? Like a kid? You poor thing” he giggles, his nose and eyes crinkling. Jazz calms down a bit and clears her throat.
“Um. Okay. So….so it’s a consensual thing though? Like, you’re fine with her spanking you when you’ve…uh…when you’ve been bad?” she stumbles on the last part, clearly having trouble comprehending the situation. Kennedy smirks a little, recognizing how funny this must seem from the outside.
“Well yeah. I mean, it really fucking hurts and I don’t like being spanked. But I think it’s good for me. Good for us. It works for us.” Frankie nods and cools down. There was another long pause of silence.
“So, when she called you this morning. What she said…it’s going to be pretty bad, isn’t it?” Jazz says, a pained look on her face. Kennedy feels her stomach drop. Just thinking about it again makes her terrified.
“Yeah. She’s pretty mad. I’m not gonna be able to sit very well for several days” Kennedy said quietly, her gaze falling to the tabletop. She felt a few tears involuntarily slide down her cheeks.
“Well, she doesn’t come home until tomorrow. You have one more night of sitting. Let’s go do something fun before you get your ass beat” Frankie said, ever the optimistic. “I’m feeling wings. Anyone?” he said, elbowing Jazz in the ribs. She punched him in the arm and grinned.
“C’mon Kenny. We’ll keep it low key. You won’t get into any more trouble, we promise” she said putting her hands together in a pleading way, her bottom lip sticking out.
“You know I can’t say no to you to you assholes. Let’s go” she said, smiling despite herself.

Several hundred miles away, Jordan was finally calming herself down. It had been hours of fuming, and ranting to herself. It was a good thing she was this far away. Kennedy might not have survived the punishment she would’ve dished out. As she folded her clothes back into her suitcase, getting ready for her early morning flight, she felt her phone vibrate in her back pocket. She pulled it out and smiled a little when she saw it was a text from Kennedy. It read:
“Baby, I’m really really sorry about last night and about the house. I broke basically every rule you gave me, and it was really awful of me. Things got a little…out of hand. I know you’re mad and hurt. And you have every right to be. But just know that I’m extremely sorry, and that I love you more than anything in this entire world. I know I have something pretty awful coming, and I probably deserve worse. I’ll take it like a good girl, I promise. Please don’t forget that I love you.

Jordan wiped away a few tears, realizing then how much she missed her baby girl. Kennedy was in for a world of hurt, but Jordan couldn’t wait to have her back in her arms, safe and sound. She hit reply and sent something short and sweet, as was typical for her.
“I love you, baby girl. I miss you, and I’ll see you bright and early. Be good.

Out of Hand Part One

“Okay, remember what we talked about, baby girl?” Jordan asked, tilting Kennedy’s chin up with her index finger. This small little gesture was both dominating and loving. Kennedy always melted when Jordan did it, unless she was in trouble. Then the melting was not a good kind of melting. She smiled broadly.
“Yes, JoJo” she said proudly.
“Remind me” Jordan said, her eyebrow cocked and her finger still under Kennedy’s chin. Kennedy shifted a little nervously, and cleared her throat out of habit. She almost felt like she could be in trouble right now, even though she wasn’t.
“Not too many people over, no fires or fireworks, keep the place clean, and don’t break anything, especially anything that does not belong to me” said, as if reciting from a list. She giggled a little and then added “Ma’am” at the end with a wink. Jordan removed her finger from her girl’s chin and kissed her softly.
“Good girl. I’ll be back in three days, and I’ll obviously be calling you to check up on you and whatever. I love you. Be good” she said, heaving her duffle bag onto her shoulder.
“Have fun, and I’ll see you soon” Kennedy said. She waited until Jordan had turned out the door before giving her girlfriend and playful but somewhat hard smack on her ass. Jordan turned back and winked before getting in her suv and leaving. Kennedy sighed, unsure of what to do with herself. She decided to spend the rest of the evening watching music videos and deep cleaning the kitchen. That night, she called Jordan to say goodnight before heading to bed. They were only able to talk for a few minutes, but Kennedy was glad to hear her favorite person’s voice. The next day, she decided to call up a few friends and have a small get together at her place. Jordan didn’t particularly like hosting parties, so Kennedy figured this would be the perfect weekend for it. First she called Jazz and Frankie-both of whom asked if they could invite a few other people of their own. Kennedy agreed, figuring they’d each bring another person or two and that would be it. She called a few other people afterwards, bringing her own total to six. She assumed that with Frankie and Jazz’s randoms, they’d hover around ten people. That was definitely a small enough number to make sure that nothing got out of hand, and to keep everyone under control. She headed to the liquor store and bought a few bottles of alcohol-nothing too ridiculous; just a bottle of mango Absolut and a two bottles of Captain Morgan and a case of cheap beer. There was no way in hell they would drink all of them, but she’d rather be over prepared.

She’d told people to come over around 9, and Jazz was the first to show up. She had at least five people with her. Not long after, Frankie showed up. He had several of his friends with him too, at least six. Kennedy started to panic a little, but she didn’t say anything about it. She just decided that it would probably be fine. When each of her friends showed up, they each had at least one other person with them. Before she knew it, there were at least thirty people in her and Jordan’s house. She decided the only way to “handle” the situation was to match Jazz, shot for shot. Unfortunately for her, Jazz had a much higher alcohol tolerance than she did. She was drunk after five shots, wasted after the sixth. She felt her pocket vibrating and pulled out her phone. It was Jordan. The house was absolutely packed with people, the speakers were on full blast, and she was completely shit faced. But she hit the green answer button regardless. “Well h-h-hey there, sexy lady. How are things on the other fuckin…fucking side of the continent. Country? I don’t even…I don’t even remember where in the actual..where in the actual fuck you went. Are you coming home soon?” Kennedy said, rambling all this out before Jordan had the chance to speak. Jordan could clearly hear loud music in the background, and the sounds of a crowd of people. There was yelling and laughing, and someone continually shouting “Shots, shots shot shot shot shots!” Which sounded suspiciously like Frankie.
“Kennedy Ray. Are you drunk right now?” Jordan said, knowing the question was pointless. Her girlfriend was clearly slurring her words and was at someone’s house party. She wasn’t necessarily told not to drink, and she wasn’t told not to hang out with friends. But she knew that she was always supposed to keep herself under control when it came to drinking, and she had obviously surpassed that. There was some random mumbling on the other line before Kennedy put the phone back to her ear.
“Right. I dunno what you uh…what you just said. But do you think Andrew can borrow your phone charger? He apparently really needs it. I’m actually….wait. Who the fuck is Andrew?” She said, having a completely one sided conversation. Jordan’s pulse jumped, and she felt her blood rising to her face.
“How many people are at our house right now, Kenny?” She asked slowly, willing her girlfriend to pay attention. There was a burst of laughter on the other line.
“Oh, fuck me. Probably like thirty-teen. Something. Something like that. Anyway, I gotta hit the road. Jazz just broke a bottle of Captain in the kitchen and I probably should help get the glass out of here. Love you, like…kind of a lot.” She said before hanging up. Jordan rubbed her temples, sighing. She couldn’t go home early, she had to be here. Regardless, there wouldn’t be a flight til morning. She decided to just let it go, hoping that everyone was okay. Kennedy was drunk, but she wasn’t dangerous. She would be alright.

The next morning, Kennedy woke up on the bathroom floor. Frankie was using her legs as a pillow. Her head was throbbing, and she still felt a little bit drunk. She leaned up and threw up in the toilet, all of it was alcohol that was still in her stomach. She groaned and pushed Frankie off her legs and went in search of her cell phone. She stumbled into the living room and gasped. Her house was trashed. There were people lying around, sleeping amongst the trash. Someone had showed up with a keg and the cups from it were lying everywhere, along with the entire case worth of empty beer cans. There was a puddle of what Kennedy could only assume was vomit in the kitchen, along with a substantial amount of glass from the broken bottle she drunkenly tried to clean up.
“Fuck me. Jordan is going to slaughter me.” she said out loud, her hand covering her mouth. She sighed and went about looking for her phone. She kept discovering more unpleasant surprises as she searched. Another broken bottle of Captain in the mudroom, a spilled beer on the couch, a cigarette butt on the kitchen counter, etc. She started to shake a little, knowing how mad Jordan was going to be. Once she found her phone (underneath Jazz’s ass), she saw the eight missed calls from Jordan in the last few hours. She took a deep breath and pressed the call back button. Jordan answered on the first ring.
“Kennedy?” she asked. Kennedy felt a pang of guilt as she heard the worry in Jordan’s voice. She knew Jordan had to be fuming, but she was more concerned that she was okay.
“Hey baby…” Kennedy said, unsure of what else to say.
“How are you? How is your head?” Jordan asked, the concern slowly ebbing away in favor of anger.
“Um, I’m slightly still drunk but I have a killer headache.”
“Good. You earned that headache. How much of a mess did you guys make, Kennedy? How many people were there?” she asked, her voice even and steady. Kennedy stayed silent, as though not answering would make the question disappear.
“I expect an answer when I ask you a question, little one.” Jordan said, her voice still the epitome of calm.
“Right…um…around 30. As far as I can remember” Kennedy answered meekly.
“Okay. So you broke that rule. Is the house a mess?” Jordan asked, already knowing the answer. Kennedy again refused to answer.
“I’m going to FaceTime you. And you’re going to show me.” Jordan said, hanging up on Kennedy. Immediately, there was an incoming FaceTime request from her. Kennedy took a deep breath and answered.
Jordan skipped over saying hello again.
“Show me” she said sternly. Kennedy whimpered in protest.
“Don’t make me do this. Please” she pleaded. Jordan raised an eyebrow, and Kennedy knew she had no choice. She slowly panned around the room, with a short glance into the kitchen. Jordan’s jaw fell open. For several seconds, she was speechless.
“I…I can clean it..” Kennedy tried to say, her eyes flooding with tears. She knew she majorly messed up. Jazz sat up groggily, rubbing her eyes. Kennedy tried to wake her away, still on FaceTime with Jordan. Jordan rubbed the bridge of her nose and shook her head.
“The house will be spotless when I come home tomorrow. And you will be getting a spanking you will never forget. I need to go, my meeting starts in 10 minutes. I love you. You better start cleaning.” she said, hanging up the call before Kennedy could reply. Kennedy wiped a few tears from her cheeks and put her phone in her back pocket. Jazz stood up and put her hand on her best friend’s shoulder.
“Kenny? What…what’s going on? Did I hear her right? Does she hit you? I’ll help you clean…” she said quietly. Her face was filled with concern and worry for Kennedy. Kennedy broke down then, the tears restarting.
“She doesn’t hit me. It’s different. It’s really different. Please help me clean” she said, crying harder. Jazz put her arms around Kennedy, letting her cry on her t-shirt.
“Dude. It’s okay. I’ll help you clean. So will Frankie. But this is fucked. What does she do to you?” she asked, keeping her voice down. A few people were woken by the sound of Kennedy’s crying. They awkwardly got themselves together and left, not wanting to be held responsible.
“I’ll….I’ll explain when we’re alone.” Kennedy said, finally calming down. She pulled away from Jazz, wiping her face with the hem of her own t-shirt. 
“Okay. It’s going to be okay. Let’s get these people out of here so we can get to work.” she said, ruffling Kennedy’s hair. They set to work, clearing out the hungover sleepers.

To Be Continued…

Ethics Schmethics

“River Hunter, please report to Danielle Barlow’s office immediately. River Hunter, report to Danielle Barlow’s office immediately please.”
River stared at the intercom, unsure of how she should feel. Mostly she was scared,and felt like running far far away was probably her best option. She checked her watch and sighed. Her last class had been cancelled for the day, so she couldn’t even use that as an excuse not to go. She heaved her backpack onto her shoulder and grabbed her notebook before leaving the library and heading in the direction of Coach Barlow’s office.

“Do you know why I called you in here today?” Coach Barlow asked, seated across from her desk from River.
“If I did, I probably wouldn’t have come. But as it turns out, I’m curious.” She answered. Her Coach quietly chuckled to herself.
“I have no doubt that if you knew why I asked you here, you would have hid somewhere on campus. But here you are. Here we are. Let’s get to the point, shall we?” She said, pulling out a small packet of paper from her desk. River waited, tapping her foot against her chair.
“Miss Hunter, this is your quarter term report. Your teachers are required to turn them in to all coaches, to assure your academic performance is not  being overlooked during the sports season. I know we’re early in the semester still, but it looks like one of your classes is slipping. You’re doing very well in History of Psychology, Music Theory, Modern Literature, and Human Biology. But your Ethics in Mathematics class seems to have fallen by the way side.” Coach Barlow said, looking up at River from the papers she’d been reading off of. River shrugged, and didn’t answer.
“Miss Hunter, that’s a problem. If you don’t get your grades up, the University won’t let you play. Please explain to me why you’re doing so poorly in this class.” She said, actual concern in her voice. River studied her hands before answering.
“Ethics classes and I don’t get along. I had this same problem in my Intro to Ethics class awhile ago…”she trailed off. Coach Barlow nodded, as if she already knew this.
“In that case, River, we need to do something before it becomes a problem. Not just because your team and I need you this season, but because I genuinely want you to succeed here.” She said, her eyes piercing River’s. River sighed quietly.
“I’ll sign up for tutoring if that’s what you want.” She said reluctantly. Coach Barlow shook her head.
“River we both know that isn’t enough. Of course I want you to sign up for tutoring. But you were in a tutoring group with your last Ethics class, according to my papers. And you still ended the semester with a D in the course. Why do you think it didn’t work?” She asked. River mumbled her answer.
“I can’t hear you River.” She said.
“I um…I said because…because I wasn’t properly motivated?”she repeated. They were both silent for several minutes. River felt her heart racing. She had a feeling she knew what was coming. But she hadn’t really decided how she felt about it. On one hand, it scared the hell out of her. On the other hand-
“I’m going to set up a discipline system with you. If your grades fail to improve, if you fail to turn in assignments, or you fail to show up to class, you will be disciplined by me. This is going to be extremely similar to what we agreed on last time you were in my office. Do you remember that?” She asked. River nodded, feeling the heat rising to her cheeks. Coach Barlow took a deep breath.
“This is what’s going to happen. You will be punished today for your current poor grade. And each time I get a negative report from one of your teachers from here on out, you will be swiftly dealt with by me. Understood?” She asked.
“What are you going to do to me?” River whispered. There was an unmistakable glint in Danny Barlow’s eyes at that question, but she kept her answer semi-professional.
“You, River Hunter, are going to get spanked.” She said. River’s heart pounded hard. The idea of this older woman touching her…(is it touching when there’s really only hitting involved?) Somehow turned her on. But the fact that she was so much stronger than River intimidated her. Her thoughts were interrupted when she realized Coach Barlow was standing over her.
“Miss Hunter, I asked you to stand up.” She said, apparently annoyed at having had to repeat herself. River slowly obliged, not sure where to stand or if maybe she should be objecting. Barlow gently moved her to the side and sat down in the chair River was just occupying.
“Okay, come over my lap.” She said. River just stared, not fully believing this was happening yet. She got distracted once again, looking at the hard muscles in Danny’s legs. They looked so defined, even through-
“I am tired of having to repeat myself to you, little girl. Come. Here.” Coach Barlow said sternly, grabbing River by the wrist and pulling her down over her legs. River’s face grew hot, and she was suddenly very glad she’d been wearing skinny jeans and not her soccer shorts.
“Bad grades are unacceptable on this team. This is what is going to happen to you if you keep this nonsense up.” Coach said, before starting a barrage of smacks on River’s bottom. River had never actually been spanked before, so the deep sting was a shock to her. She yelped and reached back to brace herself on Danny’s leg. She pushed back on the older woman’s thighs, like she was trying to slide off and away.
“Would you stop squirming? We haven’t even started yet.” Coach Barlow said, lifting River up by the hips and placing her back across her knees. River whimpered quietly, no longer really enjoying this. It hurt way more than she thought it would.
“This punishment may be for your poor grades, young lady, but let this serve as a reminder of our first agreement. If you continue to disrespect me in front of your teammates or in private, or act up in any way, you’ll get put right back here. Is that clear?” She asked, still spanking away. River managed a nod.
“Okay, stand up.” She said, letting go of River. River obliged happily, rubbing her stinging bottom. She was glad that was over.
“Stop rubbing and take your jeans down, River.” Danny commanded. River froze.
What?” She said, feeling the blood drain from her face.
“What did I say about repeating myself? Take your jeans down before I take them off for you and decide to take your underwear too. Now.” She said. River knew she was bright red in the face now, but didn’t like the idea of being completely naked from the waist down in front of her coach. She slowly wiggled her skinny jeans down, not looking Danny in the face.
“That’s better. Now back over my knees.” She said. River obeyed, hoping this was almost over. The difference in protection between a pair of jeans and some Target brand underwear was jarring and immediately apparent.
“Owwww god! Please, let me up Coach. I’m sorry about my grades, I’ll get them up.” She whined. Coach Barlow didn’t budge. The smacks just kept coming, loud and hard. Her spare arm had wrapped around River’s waist, holding her in place.
“You’re not getting off that easy. Not with me. Maybe your parents let you go with a few smacks, kid, but not me.” She said, spanking somehow harder. River yelped and shouted out her reply, trying not to squirm.
“They never hit me. This is my first spanking!” She shouted. Danny stopped momentarily, considering this.
“That explains a lot, actually.” She said, before continuing the punishment. River whined and kicked a little, letting go of the last shred of dignity she had. Danny didn’t miss a beat, she just pinned River’s squirming legs under her powerful one. She spanked ever harder, making sure River would feel these last few minutes for some time to come. Finally, several minutes later, she stopped. River breathed heavily, stuck between a sob and a shout. Coach Barlow slowly released her grip on River, letting her legs be free and her hip become unpinned.
“I’m…I’m really sorry Coach.” River said quietly. Coach Barlow smiled to herself, glad that she’d been right about the girl. She needed this, but to be honest, they both did.
“It’s okay, River. But I expect improvement. If I get any, and I mean any bad reports, you will be back across my knees. And it will be much worse for you next time I can promise you that. Got it?” She asked, helping River up. River nodded, her stomach clenching at the thought. She looked at Danny quickly, before sliding her jeans back on gingerly.
“I’ll do better Coach.” She said. Coach Barlow smiled and stood up, brushing her shorts down.
“Call me Danny.” She replied.

Electricity Can Be Dangerous

River pushed herself hard, trying to finish her extra laps at the same time as the rest of her team was finishing theirs. But she couldn’t do it. She lagged behind by a lap;everyone had finished their 18, but she was still on lap 19 of 20. After she finished her last lap, she collapsed on the ground in the grass, deciding her team could do without her for an extra minute. She was drenched in sweat and her lungs felt like someone had lit them on fire. She had just closed her eyes when a loud, angry yell rang in her ears.
“Hunter! Off the grass now! This field is only for playing soccer, not sleeping. Understood?” Coach Barlow yelled. River groaned and pulled herself up, seeing that her entire team was watching her. She could feel the heat in her face suddenly as she walked back to join them.
“I asked you a question. If I dont get an answer, you will run 5 more laps.” Coach said, her voice a low growl.
“Yes. Understood” River growled back.
“Good. Now, everyone split into two groups. We’re going to do one practice game and then you can all take off” she said, looking down at her clipboard to make a note, one eyebrow cocked up. River had a gnawing feeling that note was next to her name somehow. She ended up on a team with Cora and nudged her when she was close enough to whisper to.
“Dude. Total bitch, right?” She said, nodding towards Coach Barlow. Cora laughed quietly and looked a little uncomfortable.
“Well. I guess so, yeah.” She replied awkwardly. River stared at her for a few seconds, looking into her friend’s guilty eyes.
“No way. You’re taking her side.” She said, crossing her arms. Their conversation was interrupted by Coach Barlow’s voice.
“Okay, everyone just do what you do best. I’m just here to watch you play” she said, sitting in the bleachers and getting her clipboard ready for notes. Practice started and they played fairly roughly, eager to prove themselves to their new coach. River’s team was losing by two points when one of River’s team mates, Marley, shoved one of the freshman girls over in an attempt to get the ball. River was just about to cheer her on, when there was a high pitched whistle piercing her ear drums followed by Coach Barlow’s voice.
“Number 46, drop and give me twenty. I do not tolerate rough housing from my girls,” she said, pointing at Marley. The girl turned bright red and lowered herself to the grass, prepared to do her twenty push ups. River couldn’t believe her team was giving in this easily to the new coach. Again, she opened her mouth before thinking.
“Coach? I thought I heard you say earlier that this field is for playing soccer. Push ups aren’t involved in a game.” She said, gesturing to her team mate.
“Twenty, Ms….Finnegan,” Coach said to Marley, checking her name sheet before turning to River.
“You and I will discuss this privately. Hit the showers, I will be there momentarily along with the rest of your team who seems to understand how to respect their authority figures.”
River scowled and stormed off to the lockers.
It was silent and still in amongst the cold lockers, something River was not accustomed to. Usually this room was loud and echoey, filled with the sounds of a team enjoying themselves. She kicked one of the lower locker doors, and hard. The metal clang echoed against the newly painted brick walls. She cursed even louder, her foot throbbing as she inspected the damage she’d done to the locker. The door was bent completely inward, rendering it impossible to open.
“I hope no one’s stuff is in there…” she muttered quietly to herself. She didn’t even hear her coach approach her from behind.
“Miss Hunter, follow me” Coach Barlow said, ignoring the yelp of surprise the girl emitted. She spun on her feet and walked swiftly into her office in the corner of the locker room. River hesitated, then followed her slowly. As she entered, Barlow shut the door behind her.
“Have a seat, Ms. Hunter” she said, gesturing to the wooden chair on one side of the desk. River did, looking around at the office. This office used to be covered in team pictures, medals, trophies, and happy messages from their old coach, Coach Dawson. Now, the walls were painted a deep blue, with occasional posters of sailboats, majestic trees, and Ansel Adams work. Coach Barlow cleared her throat.
“We seem to have a problem, Ms. Hunter” she started.
“It seems that way” River countered, not giving this new woman an inch.

“Why do you suppose that is?”

“I don’t know, maybe because you show up and start barking orders like a tyrant instead of being a civil human being?” River said, crossing her arms.

“I run my team the way I feel is necessary. If you disagree, I suggest you find another team.”

“I go to school here, Coach Barlow. This is my team.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I want you on this team. But I will not tolerate disrespect. I may be new to you, but I am not new to this game. Do you understand me?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at River. River shrugged.

“Miss River Hunter, I am asking you a question. Do you understand that I do not tolerate disrespect?” She asked again.
“I guess.” River replied. Coach Barlow opened the metal drawer of her oak desk and pulled out a packet of paper.
“In that case, I’m going to need you to read and sign this. This is a specialized agreement form, that I feel is necessary in you and I transitioning smoothly into our new team format. This is reserved for special members of the team that have authority issues, but would still like to be on the team. Sound like you?” She asked. River glanced at the paper packet and hesitated.
“If that’s what you want to call me, sure.” She said.
“Great. Remember; read and sign.” Coach Barlow said, gently pushing the paperwork towards her. River sighed and began to  read. She hated stuff like this, so the best she was giving it was a skim. Her eyes stumbled upon a small paragraph, hidden under the section labeled, “Disciplinary Action“. She re-read the section, her heart rate quickening.
In the event of significant disobedience by a team member, Coach Barlow reserves the right to discipline said member as she sees fit. Discipline methods are decided at Coach Barlow’s discretion, and may include but are NOT limited to: extra laps, extra push ups, extra drills, sit out observations, teacher detentions, and in some cases, corporal punishment.”
River looked up at Coach Barlow, her eyebrows raised. Her look was matched evenly.
“Do you have a question,  Miss Hunter?” She asked, folding her hands on her desk.
“Um. I just…” she started, looking down at the paper.

“Spit it out, Hunter.”

“It’s just that, um. It’s just that this says discipline may include corporal punishment?” She stuttered.

“Yes? Do you not know what that means?” Coach asked, trying to hide her smile.

“I…well, I think I do. But….that can’t be right.” She said, her cheeks turning red.

“If you think you know, then go ahead and give me your best definition.” Barlow said, her smile taking over. River cleared her throat and felt the blood rush to her face.
“Uh. No. No thank you.” She said quietly.
“Oh, but I wasn’t asking.” Coach Barlow replied. River shifted in her chair, somehow losing her determination to be stubborn. She suddenly felt small, like a child.
“I…I think. I think it’s basically ph-physical p-punishment.” She stuttered. Coach Barlow smiled.
“Right. But between us, in the case of this agreement, I mean something specific. Any idea what that is?” She asked, tapping the packet of paper. River felt the blood from her face rush a little further south, and couldn’t manage to say anything. She just shook her head. Coach Barlow smiled even wider.
“In the case of this agreement, Miss Hunter, corporal punishment means spanking.” She said, crossing her arms to watch her player’s reaction. River started to stand up, sputtering and tripping over herself.
“Sit down, Miss Hunter.” Barlow said sternly. River hesitated a second before obeying.
“You’re serious?” She asked, her voice squeaking a little at the end.
“Very. This isn’t something I work out with all my players. Only the best, and only the most stubborn. I see so much potential in you, yet I also can see that you’re fighting against your own wall of arrogance. I want you on my team. But if that’s to be, I need you to agree to this. I believe some discipline will do you good. You may not like it, but I think it’ll be good for you. So, Miss Hunter. Are you on the team, or are you out?” She asked ominously, pushing the papers a little closer to River. River stared hard at the paper, her head swimming. She had started to drift into a memory from her first semester at this school, one that had stuck with her vividly.
She stood in the doorway to the classroom, the tears streaming down her face. This damn Ethics class would be the death of her. She’d skipped the last three assignments, and consequently failed their midterm. She still could pass the class, but with a D at best. The only reason she even went to class anymore was because the professor was memorizing. She was tall, thin, and brunette with highlights of black. Her hair was long, up in a loose ponytail almost every day. Her cheek bones were pronounced, and her arms were just the right amount of muscular. All of River’s favorite things in one woman. But now, this beautiful professor was the bane of her existence.
“If I didn’t know any better, River, I’d say you were doing this on purpose.” She’d said, after asking River to stay after class on the day they got their midterm grades.
“You’re bright, and you’re capable. But you’re lazy. If I had a way to make you put forth the effort required for college levels classes, I would. Hell, maybe all you really need a good old fashioned ass beating. But that’s been made illegal, I believe. Please leave, Miss Hunter. We’re done here.” She said, waving River away. River turned and ran from the classroom, the tears on her face contradicting the pulling feeling of desire in her chest.
“Miss Hunter, I asked you a question. If you can’t commit to this, I understand. But if that’s the case, you simply will not be allowed to play. I would like for you to make a decision, please.” She said, her words a gentle push. River picked up the pen that had been sitting on the desk and took a deep, shaky breath. She closed her eyes as she signed her name on the line, her chest tightening a little in shock.
“I am very, very glad to have you on the team, River. Thank you for making the right choice” Coach Barlow said, smiling and gently filing away the packet. River couldn’t reply, only nod. She was scared that this “agreement” would be considered active immediately, and that she was to punished for her attitude earlier. Thankfully for her, this idea was quickly remedied by her coach.
“For today, I think you’ve learned enough. But just know that I do not tolerate disrespect and I will being utilizing my discipline methods when it arises. Thank you again, River, very much. For making the right choice. You may join your team, though I’m sure most of them are gone for the night.” Have a good night.” She said, standing up and offering her hand out to River. When they shook hands, River felt a jolt of something like electricity through her arm that travelled down her chest and legs. Just touching Coach Barlow was enough to send her into tremors.

She left the locker room a few minutes later, having showered as quickly as she could. No one was still there, they’d all fled while they could. While River drove home, she couldn’t help but smile a little, at the pulling feeling she still had in her stomach. This was new, but maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t all bad.

A Swift Flowing Current

River shoved her brand new yellow towel and her street clothes into her locker before slamming it, the metallic clang as satifying as ever. Her new team uniform fit her in a surprisingly flattering way, which was the only thing that made her smile. She was only 5’1, but she wasn’t tiny. At least not by her standards. She had short blonde hair, styled into a small faux hawk. Her summer tan was still intact, as it would be for most of the year. She had a multitude of piercings in her ears, and kept all the metal on her body here. She only had one tattoo, a thick black line wrapped around the center of her kicking leg, about two inches wide. She glanced around at the faces, some new, some old. The  gym locker room was echoey and loud, the voices of 20 college girls reverberating around her. Everyone was excited for the new soccer season at Sage View University. Everyone but River.

River Hunter had been playing soccer since she was old enough to kick, and had played on too many teams to count. Her parents didn’t understand her enthusiasm at first, both of them being more artistic and creative than athletic or sporty. River’s dad was a graphic designer for a local art museum, creating their advertisements and logos. Her mother was a mural painter, doing commissioned work, mostly in the 9th Ward. New Orleans had been home to the Hunter’s since River was a year old, after they’d moved away from the crowded city streets of Manhattan.

“I expect everyone to be out on the grass in five! Anyone not dressed and ready to go will be running laps after practice, so hop to it!” A voice barked from the doorway of the locker room. River sighed and bent down to tie her cleats. She hadn’t been sure if she was going to join the team again this year, knowing they’d have a new coach. Their old coach, Ms. Dawson, was perfect. She knew all her players and knew what they were capable of. She didn’t nag them, she didn’t drill too hard. She was perfect. But she’d gotten an offer to coach a professional team in Pennsylvania, and took it. Her team had been assigned a new coach, and today was the first day they’d get to meet her. She sounded like a real hard ass, the way she yelled orders like a drill sargeant, River thought. But soccer was her thing. She couldn’t bring herself to give up her thing just because they got a new coach.

“Hey, River. I’m glad you’re on this season, I was scared too many girls would quit!”
River glanced up to see Cora, the goalie of the team. She smiled broadly.
“Cora! Thank goodness you’re here too! I was beginning to wonder if I would regret signing up again. She sounds like a real bitch, doesn’t she?” River asked, gesturing towards the field.
“Yeah, she does. But this is only our sophomore year, we can’t quit the team yet, right?” Cora laughed, bumping shoulders with River on her way outside. River laughed quietly to herself and then sighed.
“Right,” She whispered, “not yet.”

Jogging out onto the field, River was blinded by a ray of sun directly in her eyes. It was hot out, and this was probably going to be a miserable practice.

“Everyone over here, please!” The new coach’s voice shouted, guiding the team over to the goal on the north side of the field. Finally, River got a proper look at her. She was tall, at least 5’9 or taller. She was toned, but not overly muscular. Her forearms were dotted with an abundance of freckles, as were her cheek bones, from a career spent out in the sun. She had long, dark red hair, with a streak of black down one side. She was wearing knee length men’s basketball shorts, so her calf tattoo of a huge black and grey sailboat was visable along with a cascade of falling leaves on the opposite shin. River took a deep breath and joined her team, ignoring the pulling feeling in her stomach.
“Hello everyone, I’m your new coach. My name is Danny Barlow, but I’d like you to call me Coach Barlow. Now I know you have a pretty good team here and you actually won the divisionals last year. But I want to see you all do better. I’ve heard rumors that there are a few of you with natural born talent, and that you’re a bit more cocky than you should be because of it. I’m giving you a fair warning, cockiness is not tolerated on my field. Understood?” She said, looking at each of their faces. They all reluctantly nodded, not sure what else to do. She looked down at her clipboard and shielded her eyes from the sun.
“I need to make sure everyone is here, so just give me your jersey number when I call your name. Andrea Collins?”
“72, Coach.” A voice answered.
“Good. Cora Langley?”
“44, Coach.” Cora replied.
“Good. River Hunter?”
River paused just a moment, causing everyone to turn and look at her.
“Oh, um. 17, Coach.” She stammered. Coach Barlow’s eyes lingered a moment, a small line appearing at the edge of her mouth. She stifled the smile and continued.
“Dara Preston?” She continued down the roster, noting no absentees. Then she set the clipboard down in the grass and cleared her throat.
“Right. Let’s start off with 18 laps around the track and then we’ll do some drills.” She said, turning towards the track. River’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Coach Barlow? 18 laps is 3 and a half miles. Isn’t that a little much for the first day back?” She asked, her mouth pouring forth the words before her brain could stop her. Coach Barlow turned and took off her sunglasses to look at River.
“Everyone start running, your teammate will join you shortly.” She said, not taking her eyes off of River. The rest of the team took off towards the track, keeping their complaints to themselves. “River Hunter, right?” Coach Barlow said, walking closer to her. River shifted slightly, extremely uncomfortable suddenly.
“Yeah.” She answered defensively.
“You’re one of the cocky ones I was warned about, Hunter. Obviously they weren’t wrong. I told you cockiness isn’t tolerated on my field. Instead of 18 laps, you will now be running 20. If you’d like to push it, be my guest.” She said, her pale green eyes penetrating River’s deep brown ones. River sighed and muttered a yes coach before jogging off towards the track to start running. She could feel the eyes of her new coach following her as she ran, promoting her to run just a little bit faster.
This season is going to be hell, she thought to herself.