Ethics Schmethics

“River Hunter, please report to Danielle Barlow’s office immediately. River Hunter, report to Danielle Barlow’s office immediately please.”
River stared at the intercom, unsure of how she should feel. Mostly she was scared,and felt like running far far away was probably her best option. She checked her watch and sighed. Her last class had been cancelled for the day, so she couldn’t even use that as an excuse not to go. She heaved her backpack onto her shoulder and grabbed her notebook before leaving the library and heading in the direction of Coach Barlow’s office.

“Do you know why I called you in here today?” Coach Barlow asked, seated across from her desk from River.
“If I did, I probably wouldn’t have come. But as it turns out, I’m curious.” She answered. Her Coach quietly chuckled to herself.
“I have no doubt that if you knew why I asked you here, you would have hid somewhere on campus. But here you are. Here we are. Let’s get to the point, shall we?” She said, pulling out a small packet of paper from her desk. River waited, tapping her foot against her chair.
“Miss Hunter, this is your quarter term report. Your teachers are required to turn them in to all coaches, to assure your academic performance is not  being overlooked during the sports season. I know we’re early in the semester still, but it looks like one of your classes is slipping. You’re doing very well in History of Psychology, Music Theory, Modern Literature, and Human Biology. But your Ethics in Mathematics class seems to have fallen by the way side.” Coach Barlow said, looking up at River from the papers she’d been reading off of. River shrugged, and didn’t answer.
“Miss Hunter, that’s a problem. If you don’t get your grades up, the University won’t let you play. Please explain to me why you’re doing so poorly in this class.” She said, actual concern in her voice. River studied her hands before answering.
“Ethics classes and I don’t get along. I had this same problem in my Intro to Ethics class awhile ago…”she trailed off. Coach Barlow nodded, as if she already knew this.
“In that case, River, we need to do something before it becomes a problem. Not just because your team and I need you this season, but because I genuinely want you to succeed here.” She said, her eyes piercing River’s. River sighed quietly.
“I’ll sign up for tutoring if that’s what you want.” She said reluctantly. Coach Barlow shook her head.
“River we both know that isn’t enough. Of course I want you to sign up for tutoring. But you were in a tutoring group with your last Ethics class, according to my papers. And you still ended the semester with a D in the course. Why do you think it didn’t work?” She asked. River mumbled her answer.
“I can’t hear you River.” She said.
“I um…I said because…because I wasn’t properly motivated?”she repeated. They were both silent for several minutes. River felt her heart racing. She had a feeling she knew what was coming. But she hadn’t really decided how she felt about it. On one hand, it scared the hell out of her. On the other hand-
“I’m going to set up a discipline system with you. If your grades fail to improve, if you fail to turn in assignments, or you fail to show up to class, you will be disciplined by me. This is going to be extremely similar to what we agreed on last time you were in my office. Do you remember that?” She asked. River nodded, feeling the heat rising to her cheeks. Coach Barlow took a deep breath.
“This is what’s going to happen. You will be punished today for your current poor grade. And each time I get a negative report from one of your teachers from here on out, you will be swiftly dealt with by me. Understood?” She asked.
“What are you going to do to me?” River whispered. There was an unmistakable glint in Danny Barlow’s eyes at that question, but she kept her answer semi-professional.
“You, River Hunter, are going to get spanked.” She said. River’s heart pounded hard. The idea of this older woman touching her…(is it touching when there’s really only hitting involved?) Somehow turned her on. But the fact that she was so much stronger than River intimidated her. Her thoughts were interrupted when she realized Coach Barlow was standing over her.
“Miss Hunter, I asked you to stand up.” She said, apparently annoyed at having had to repeat herself. River slowly obliged, not sure where to stand or if maybe she should be objecting. Barlow gently moved her to the side and sat down in the chair River was just occupying.
“Okay, come over my lap.” She said. River just stared, not fully believing this was happening yet. She got distracted once again, looking at the hard muscles in Danny’s legs. They looked so defined, even through-
“I am tired of having to repeat myself to you, little girl. Come. Here.” Coach Barlow said sternly, grabbing River by the wrist and pulling her down over her legs. River’s face grew hot, and she was suddenly very glad she’d been wearing skinny jeans and not her soccer shorts.
“Bad grades are unacceptable on this team. This is what is going to happen to you if you keep this nonsense up.” Coach said, before starting a barrage of smacks on River’s bottom. River had never actually been spanked before, so the deep sting was a shock to her. She yelped and reached back to brace herself on Danny’s leg. She pushed back on the older woman’s thighs, like she was trying to slide off and away.
“Would you stop squirming? We haven’t even started yet.” Coach Barlow said, lifting River up by the hips and placing her back across her knees. River whimpered quietly, no longer really enjoying this. It hurt way more than she thought it would.
“This punishment may be for your poor grades, young lady, but let this serve as a reminder of our first agreement. If you continue to disrespect me in front of your teammates or in private, or act up in any way, you’ll get put right back here. Is that clear?” She asked, still spanking away. River managed a nod.
“Okay, stand up.” She said, letting go of River. River obliged happily, rubbing her stinging bottom. She was glad that was over.
“Stop rubbing and take your jeans down, River.” Danny commanded. River froze.
What?” She said, feeling the blood drain from her face.
“What did I say about repeating myself? Take your jeans down before I take them off for you and decide to take your underwear too. Now.” She said. River knew she was bright red in the face now, but didn’t like the idea of being completely naked from the waist down in front of her coach. She slowly wiggled her skinny jeans down, not looking Danny in the face.
“That’s better. Now back over my knees.” She said. River obeyed, hoping this was almost over. The difference in protection between a pair of jeans and some Target brand underwear was jarring and immediately apparent.
“Owwww god! Please, let me up Coach. I’m sorry about my grades, I’ll get them up.” She whined. Coach Barlow didn’t budge. The smacks just kept coming, loud and hard. Her spare arm had wrapped around River’s waist, holding her in place.
“You’re not getting off that easy. Not with me. Maybe your parents let you go with a few smacks, kid, but not me.” She said, spanking somehow harder. River yelped and shouted out her reply, trying not to squirm.
“They never hit me. This is my first spanking!” She shouted. Danny stopped momentarily, considering this.
“That explains a lot, actually.” She said, before continuing the punishment. River whined and kicked a little, letting go of the last shred of dignity she had. Danny didn’t miss a beat, she just pinned River’s squirming legs under her powerful one. She spanked ever harder, making sure River would feel these last few minutes for some time to come. Finally, several minutes later, she stopped. River breathed heavily, stuck between a sob and a shout. Coach Barlow slowly released her grip on River, letting her legs be free and her hip become unpinned.
“I’m…I’m really sorry Coach.” River said quietly. Coach Barlow smiled to herself, glad that she’d been right about the girl. She needed this, but to be honest, they both did.
“It’s okay, River. But I expect improvement. If I get any, and I mean any bad reports, you will be back across my knees. And it will be much worse for you next time I can promise you that. Got it?” She asked, helping River up. River nodded, her stomach clenching at the thought. She looked at Danny quickly, before sliding her jeans back on gingerly.
“I’ll do better Coach.” She said. Coach Barlow smiled and stood up, brushing her shorts down.
“Call me Danny.” She replied.

Electricity Can Be Dangerous

River pushed herself hard, trying to finish her extra laps at the same time as the rest of her team was finishing theirs. But she couldn’t do it. She lagged behind by a lap;everyone had finished their 18, but she was still on lap 19 of 20. After she finished her last lap, she collapsed on the ground in the grass, deciding her team could do without her for an extra minute. She was drenched in sweat and her lungs felt like someone had lit them on fire. She had just closed her eyes when a loud, angry yell rang in her ears.
“Hunter! Off the grass now! This field is only for playing soccer, not sleeping. Understood?” Coach Barlow yelled. River groaned and pulled herself up, seeing that her entire team was watching her. She could feel the heat in her face suddenly as she walked back to join them.
“I asked you a question. If I dont get an answer, you will run 5 more laps.” Coach said, her voice a low growl.
“Yes. Understood” River growled back.
“Good. Now, everyone split into two groups. We’re going to do one practice game and then you can all take off” she said, looking down at her clipboard to make a note, one eyebrow cocked up. River had a gnawing feeling that note was next to her name somehow. She ended up on a team with Cora and nudged her when she was close enough to whisper to.
“Dude. Total bitch, right?” She said, nodding towards Coach Barlow. Cora laughed quietly and looked a little uncomfortable.
“Well. I guess so, yeah.” She replied awkwardly. River stared at her for a few seconds, looking into her friend’s guilty eyes.
“No way. You’re taking her side.” She said, crossing her arms. Their conversation was interrupted by Coach Barlow’s voice.
“Okay, everyone just do what you do best. I’m just here to watch you play” she said, sitting in the bleachers and getting her clipboard ready for notes. Practice started and they played fairly roughly, eager to prove themselves to their new coach. River’s team was losing by two points when one of River’s team mates, Marley, shoved one of the freshman girls over in an attempt to get the ball. River was just about to cheer her on, when there was a high pitched whistle piercing her ear drums followed by Coach Barlow’s voice.
“Number 46, drop and give me twenty. I do not tolerate rough housing from my girls,” she said, pointing at Marley. The girl turned bright red and lowered herself to the grass, prepared to do her twenty push ups. River couldn’t believe her team was giving in this easily to the new coach. Again, she opened her mouth before thinking.
“Coach? I thought I heard you say earlier that this field is for playing soccer. Push ups aren’t involved in a game.” She said, gesturing to her team mate.
“Twenty, Ms….Finnegan,” Coach said to Marley, checking her name sheet before turning to River.
“You and I will discuss this privately. Hit the showers, I will be there momentarily along with the rest of your team who seems to understand how to respect their authority figures.”
River scowled and stormed off to the lockers.
It was silent and still in amongst the cold lockers, something River was not accustomed to. Usually this room was loud and echoey, filled with the sounds of a team enjoying themselves. She kicked one of the lower locker doors, and hard. The metal clang echoed against the newly painted brick walls. She cursed even louder, her foot throbbing as she inspected the damage she’d done to the locker. The door was bent completely inward, rendering it impossible to open.
“I hope no one’s stuff is in there…” she muttered quietly to herself. She didn’t even hear her coach approach her from behind.
“Miss Hunter, follow me” Coach Barlow said, ignoring the yelp of surprise the girl emitted. She spun on her feet and walked swiftly into her office in the corner of the locker room. River hesitated, then followed her slowly. As she entered, Barlow shut the door behind her.
“Have a seat, Ms. Hunter” she said, gesturing to the wooden chair on one side of the desk. River did, looking around at the office. This office used to be covered in team pictures, medals, trophies, and happy messages from their old coach, Coach Dawson. Now, the walls were painted a deep blue, with occasional posters of sailboats, majestic trees, and Ansel Adams work. Coach Barlow cleared her throat.
“We seem to have a problem, Ms. Hunter” she started.
“It seems that way” River countered, not giving this new woman an inch.

“Why do you suppose that is?”

“I don’t know, maybe because you show up and start barking orders like a tyrant instead of being a civil human being?” River said, crossing her arms.

“I run my team the way I feel is necessary. If you disagree, I suggest you find another team.”

“I go to school here, Coach Barlow. This is my team.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I want you on this team. But I will not tolerate disrespect. I may be new to you, but I am not new to this game. Do you understand me?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at River. River shrugged.

“Miss River Hunter, I am asking you a question. Do you understand that I do not tolerate disrespect?” She asked again.
“I guess.” River replied. Coach Barlow opened the metal drawer of her oak desk and pulled out a packet of paper.
“In that case, I’m going to need you to read and sign this. This is a specialized agreement form, that I feel is necessary in you and I transitioning smoothly into our new team format. This is reserved for special members of the team that have authority issues, but would still like to be on the team. Sound like you?” She asked. River glanced at the paper packet and hesitated.
“If that’s what you want to call me, sure.” She said.
“Great. Remember; read and sign.” Coach Barlow said, gently pushing the paperwork towards her. River sighed and began to  read. She hated stuff like this, so the best she was giving it was a skim. Her eyes stumbled upon a small paragraph, hidden under the section labeled, “Disciplinary Action“. She re-read the section, her heart rate quickening.
In the event of significant disobedience by a team member, Coach Barlow reserves the right to discipline said member as she sees fit. Discipline methods are decided at Coach Barlow’s discretion, and may include but are NOT limited to: extra laps, extra push ups, extra drills, sit out observations, teacher detentions, and in some cases, corporal punishment.”
River looked up at Coach Barlow, her eyebrows raised. Her look was matched evenly.
“Do you have a question,  Miss Hunter?” She asked, folding her hands on her desk.
“Um. I just…” she started, looking down at the paper.

“Spit it out, Hunter.”

“It’s just that, um. It’s just that this says discipline may include corporal punishment?” She stuttered.

“Yes? Do you not know what that means?” Coach asked, trying to hide her smile.

“I…well, I think I do. But….that can’t be right.” She said, her cheeks turning red.

“If you think you know, then go ahead and give me your best definition.” Barlow said, her smile taking over. River cleared her throat and felt the blood rush to her face.
“Uh. No. No thank you.” She said quietly.
“Oh, but I wasn’t asking.” Coach Barlow replied. River shifted in her chair, somehow losing her determination to be stubborn. She suddenly felt small, like a child.
“I…I think. I think it’s basically ph-physical p-punishment.” She stuttered. Coach Barlow smiled.
“Right. But between us, in the case of this agreement, I mean something specific. Any idea what that is?” She asked, tapping the packet of paper. River felt the blood from her face rush a little further south, and couldn’t manage to say anything. She just shook her head. Coach Barlow smiled even wider.
“In the case of this agreement, Miss Hunter, corporal punishment means spanking.” She said, crossing her arms to watch her player’s reaction. River started to stand up, sputtering and tripping over herself.
“Sit down, Miss Hunter.” Barlow said sternly. River hesitated a second before obeying.
“You’re serious?” She asked, her voice squeaking a little at the end.
“Very. This isn’t something I work out with all my players. Only the best, and only the most stubborn. I see so much potential in you, yet I also can see that you’re fighting against your own wall of arrogance. I want you on my team. But if that’s to be, I need you to agree to this. I believe some discipline will do you good. You may not like it, but I think it’ll be good for you. So, Miss Hunter. Are you on the team, or are you out?” She asked ominously, pushing the papers a little closer to River. River stared hard at the paper, her head swimming. She had started to drift into a memory from her first semester at this school, one that had stuck with her vividly.
She stood in the doorway to the classroom, the tears streaming down her face. This damn Ethics class would be the death of her. She’d skipped the last three assignments, and consequently failed their midterm. She still could pass the class, but with a D at best. The only reason she even went to class anymore was because the professor was memorizing. She was tall, thin, and brunette with highlights of black. Her hair was long, up in a loose ponytail almost every day. Her cheek bones were pronounced, and her arms were just the right amount of muscular. All of River’s favorite things in one woman. But now, this beautiful professor was the bane of her existence.
“If I didn’t know any better, River, I’d say you were doing this on purpose.” She’d said, after asking River to stay after class on the day they got their midterm grades.
“You’re bright, and you’re capable. But you’re lazy. If I had a way to make you put forth the effort required for college levels classes, I would. Hell, maybe all you really need a good old fashioned ass beating. But that’s been made illegal, I believe. Please leave, Miss Hunter. We’re done here.” She said, waving River away. River turned and ran from the classroom, the tears on her face contradicting the pulling feeling of desire in her chest.
“Miss Hunter, I asked you a question. If you can’t commit to this, I understand. But if that’s the case, you simply will not be allowed to play. I would like for you to make a decision, please.” She said, her words a gentle push. River picked up the pen that had been sitting on the desk and took a deep, shaky breath. She closed her eyes as she signed her name on the line, her chest tightening a little in shock.
“I am very, very glad to have you on the team, River. Thank you for making the right choice” Coach Barlow said, smiling and gently filing away the packet. River couldn’t reply, only nod. She was scared that this “agreement” would be considered active immediately, and that she was to punished for her attitude earlier. Thankfully for her, this idea was quickly remedied by her coach.
“For today, I think you’ve learned enough. But just know that I do not tolerate disrespect and I will being utilizing my discipline methods when it arises. Thank you again, River, very much. For making the right choice. You may join your team, though I’m sure most of them are gone for the night.” Have a good night.” She said, standing up and offering her hand out to River. When they shook hands, River felt a jolt of something like electricity through her arm that travelled down her chest and legs. Just touching Coach Barlow was enough to send her into tremors.

She left the locker room a few minutes later, having showered as quickly as she could. No one was still there, they’d all fled while they could. While River drove home, she couldn’t help but smile a little, at the pulling feeling she still had in her stomach. This was new, but maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t all bad.

A Swift Flowing Current

River shoved her brand new yellow towel and her street clothes into her locker before slamming it, the metallic clang as satifying as ever. Her new team uniform fit her in a surprisingly flattering way, which was the only thing that made her smile. She was only 5’1, but she wasn’t tiny. At least not by her standards. She had short blonde hair, styled into a small faux hawk. Her summer tan was still intact, as it would be for most of the year. She had a multitude of piercings in her ears, and kept all the metal on her body here. She only had one tattoo, a thick black line wrapped around the center of her kicking leg, about two inches wide. She glanced around at the faces, some new, some old. The  gym locker room was echoey and loud, the voices of 20 college girls reverberating around her. Everyone was excited for the new soccer season at Sage View University. Everyone but River.

River Hunter had been playing soccer since she was old enough to kick, and had played on too many teams to count. Her parents didn’t understand her enthusiasm at first, both of them being more artistic and creative than athletic or sporty. River’s dad was a graphic designer for a local art museum, creating their advertisements and logos. Her mother was a mural painter, doing commissioned work, mostly in the 9th Ward. New Orleans had been home to the Hunter’s since River was a year old, after they’d moved away from the crowded city streets of Manhattan.

“I expect everyone to be out on the grass in five! Anyone not dressed and ready to go will be running laps after practice, so hop to it!” A voice barked from the doorway of the locker room. River sighed and bent down to tie her cleats. She hadn’t been sure if she was going to join the team again this year, knowing they’d have a new coach. Their old coach, Ms. Dawson, was perfect. She knew all her players and knew what they were capable of. She didn’t nag them, she didn’t drill too hard. She was perfect. But she’d gotten an offer to coach a professional team in Pennsylvania, and took it. Her team had been assigned a new coach, and today was the first day they’d get to meet her. She sounded like a real hard ass, the way she yelled orders like a drill sargeant, River thought. But soccer was her thing. She couldn’t bring herself to give up her thing just because they got a new coach.

“Hey, River. I’m glad you’re on this season, I was scared too many girls would quit!”
River glanced up to see Cora, the goalie of the team. She smiled broadly.
“Cora! Thank goodness you’re here too! I was beginning to wonder if I would regret signing up again. She sounds like a real bitch, doesn’t she?” River asked, gesturing towards the field.
“Yeah, she does. But this is only our sophomore year, we can’t quit the team yet, right?” Cora laughed, bumping shoulders with River on her way outside. River laughed quietly to herself and then sighed.
“Right,” She whispered, “not yet.”

Jogging out onto the field, River was blinded by a ray of sun directly in her eyes. It was hot out, and this was probably going to be a miserable practice.

“Everyone over here, please!” The new coach’s voice shouted, guiding the team over to the goal on the north side of the field. Finally, River got a proper look at her. She was tall, at least 5’9 or taller. She was toned, but not overly muscular. Her forearms were dotted with an abundance of freckles, as were her cheek bones, from a career spent out in the sun. She had long, dark red hair, with a streak of black down one side. She was wearing knee length men’s basketball shorts, so her calf tattoo of a huge black and grey sailboat was visable along with a cascade of falling leaves on the opposite shin. River took a deep breath and joined her team, ignoring the pulling feeling in her stomach.
“Hello everyone, I’m your new coach. My name is Danny Barlow, but I’d like you to call me Coach Barlow. Now I know you have a pretty good team here and you actually won the divisionals last year. But I want to see you all do better. I’ve heard rumors that there are a few of you with natural born talent, and that you’re a bit more cocky than you should be because of it. I’m giving you a fair warning, cockiness is not tolerated on my field. Understood?” She said, looking at each of their faces. They all reluctantly nodded, not sure what else to do. She looked down at her clipboard and shielded her eyes from the sun.
“I need to make sure everyone is here, so just give me your jersey number when I call your name. Andrea Collins?”
“72, Coach.” A voice answered.
“Good. Cora Langley?”
“44, Coach.” Cora replied.
“Good. River Hunter?”
River paused just a moment, causing everyone to turn and look at her.
“Oh, um. 17, Coach.” She stammered. Coach Barlow’s eyes lingered a moment, a small line appearing at the edge of her mouth. She stifled the smile and continued.
“Dara Preston?” She continued down the roster, noting no absentees. Then she set the clipboard down in the grass and cleared her throat.
“Right. Let’s start off with 18 laps around the track and then we’ll do some drills.” She said, turning towards the track. River’s eyebrows furrowed.
“Coach Barlow? 18 laps is 3 and a half miles. Isn’t that a little much for the first day back?” She asked, her mouth pouring forth the words before her brain could stop her. Coach Barlow turned and took off her sunglasses to look at River.
“Everyone start running, your teammate will join you shortly.” She said, not taking her eyes off of River. The rest of the team took off towards the track, keeping their complaints to themselves. “River Hunter, right?” Coach Barlow said, walking closer to her. River shifted slightly, extremely uncomfortable suddenly.
“Yeah.” She answered defensively.
“You’re one of the cocky ones I was warned about, Hunter. Obviously they weren’t wrong. I told you cockiness isn’t tolerated on my field. Instead of 18 laps, you will now be running 20. If you’d like to push it, be my guest.” She said, her pale green eyes penetrating River’s deep brown ones. River sighed and muttered a yes coach before jogging off towards the track to start running. She could feel the eyes of her new coach following her as she ran, promoting her to run just a little bit faster.
This season is going to be hell, she thought to herself.

Crashing Down

Kennedy rubbed her temples with her thumbs, her headache slowly growing into a full blown migraine. Even the sound of  the door opening was painful to her, as it had an annoying creak to it.
“Hey baby, how was your day?” Jordan asked as she walked in, kissing Kennedy on the head absently as she walked by. Kennedy just grumbled an answer, slouching in her chair until her forehead rested against the keyboard of the computer she was seated in front of.
“That bad, huh?” Jordan said, setting her backpack down on the couch and hanging her keys on the wall. She walked behind Kennedy and rubbed her shoulders, squinting slightly at the screen to see what her girlfriend had been working on. Kennedy moaned quietly, her body relaxing as the knots in her shoulder were kneaded out.
“I guess I can’t blame you for having a bad day. ‘The Probability of Language Acquisition Loss in Toddlers’. That sounds miserable.”
Kennedy looked up slightly, deciding not to mention that she was actually really interested in it.
“This looks like a midterm or something, Kennie. Not just a regular paper. What do you have, like six pages?” She asked, laughing a little. When Kennedy didn’t answer, she stopped rubbing her back.
“Please tell me this isn’t your midterm, babe. I know your schedule just as well as you do. Your midterms are due at midnight.”
Kennedy pressed her palms against the desk and pushed herself up to spin around to face Jordan.
“How was your day, gorgeous?” She asked, leaning up for a kiss. Jordan obliged, kissing back kind of hard.
“Great, but don’t change the subject. Is this your midterm? You told me last week that you’d turned them all in already.”
“No, I told you I’d…that I’d….” she trailed off, knowing she was caught in a lie she couldn’t talk her way out of. Jordan took her girlfriend’s jaw in her hand gently.
“You lied to me, Kennedy Ray Arlington. Didn’t you?” She asked. Kennedy nodded a little, pouting with her bottom lip, the edges of her mouth trying not to curve into a smile. Jordan narrowed her eyes.
“What else aren’t you telling me? You only smile when you think you’re getting away with something.” Jordan said.
Kennedy raised her eyebrows innocently.
“What? Come on, Jordan I already told you what you wanted me to. Just…get it over with already or whatever.” She said, looking away from the menacing look she was getting.
“No. I’ll decide when I’m ready, not you. You still have something to tell me. And you will tell me.”
Kennedy crossed her arms and pulled her head back so her jaw wasn’t being held anymore.
“Make me.” She challenged. She felt victorious for all of three seconds before she was being pulled up by the crook of her arm into a standing position. Jordan marched her over to the front door and opened it, pulling Kennedy out onto the stoop of her apartment.
“Jordan, where are we going? I don’t have any shoes-”
“Nowhere. Right here.” Jordan said, closing the door once they were both outside. She gently but firmly guided Kennedy so she was standing with her nose against the door, before placing her arms behind her back. Jordan stepped back and waited. When all she got was confused shuffling from Kennedy, she sighed.
“We’re going to stand here until you tell me what you need to tell me. Understood?” Jordan asked. Kennedy pouted at the door, realizing that anyone could walk past at any second. Technically, Jordan lived off campus at an apartment, but a lot of her classmates lived in this complex too. She cleared her throat.
“I may, or may not have had three energy drinks today” she said quietly. There were a few seconds of silence before Jordan opened the door to the apartment and swiftly pulled Kennedy inside.
“I’m sorry,  you said THREE?” Jordan asked loudly. Kennedy winced.
“So you had three energy drinks, and you lied about your midterms, and you waited until today to do them. Am I correct?” She said, crossing her arms. Kennedy looked away.
“You are in so much trouble. You don’t even understand.” Jordan said, taking Kennedy by the arm and pulling her into their bedroom.
“But I….but…” Kennedy protested.
“The only but I want to hear is the sound of yours being punished. Take down your jeans, and don’t you dare make me tell you twice.” Jordan said, sitting down in the blue and green chair that had a familiar but dreadful creak. Kennedy pouted but did as she was told, shimmying her skinny jeans to her knees.
“Over my knee, little one.” Jordan commanded. She again obeyed, lowering herself down onto the strong thighs of her intimidating girlfriend.
“You know I don’t tolerate lying. And you know you’re only allowed one energy drink a day. I’m very disappointed in you, and I’m going to make sure you remember this for the next few days, Kennedy.” Jordan said before starting the punishment, her hands falling heavy on Kennedy’s boxer clad ass.
“Oww Jordan. I know I lied but I’m really sorry. Shouldn’t my real bad headache be enough punishment?”she whined, the burn already starting to grow.
“I assume you have a headache from drinking so much caffeine, not from your own remorse. You knew better than to drink that much, and you knew better than to lie to me. You deserve this punishment, and if you want to argue, I’ll bring out the hairbrush now instead.” She said, spanking Kennedy harder. Kennedy squirmed and quietly whined, not wanting to get herself into further trouble. A few minutes into her spanking, Jordan decided it was time for her underwear to come down. She hooked her fingers inside the waistband and pulled them to the back of Kennedy’s knees.
“Noooo. No, please baby. I’m sorry I lied. I’m sorry I drank that much caffeine. Please, can we be done?” She pleaded.
“Kennedy, since when has a spanking of yours ever ended before your underwear came down? We’re just getting started. Get up and go get your hairbrush for me.” She said, patting Kennedy gently on the back. Kennedy groaned but got up and did as she was told. When she came back, Jordan swiftly pulled her across one knee and wrapped her other leg behind both of Kennedy’s knees, locking her in place.
“You’re going to finish your midterms and eat something, and the  you’re going straight to bed. I don’t care how early it is. Understood?” She asked, before lifting the hairbrush high. Upon receiving the “yes ma’am” she was waiting for, she brought the brush down hard across Kennedy’s ass. Kennedy yelped loudly and grabbed onto Jordan’s leg. Her spanking continued, hard but slow. Jordan wanted to make sure her little bratty girlfriend wouldn’t just feel it now, but for a few days. Kennedy’s ass was slowly turning a deep red, the darkest spots being where her thighs and cheeks met.
“You do not get away with lying to me. And you need to take me seriously when I tell you not to drink so much caffeine. It is possible to overdose, you know.” She lectured, continuing to spank as she talked.
“Your midterms are important and they should’ve been done when you told me you had them turned in. Clearly I need to start monitoring your school work until I can trust you to do it on your own. Any late work will result in you being put right back here, across my knee like a child. Do you understand?” She asked, stopping. Kennedy wiped a tear away and nodded.
“Yes ma’am.” She answered.
“Good. Come here, little one.” Jordan said, lifting Kennedy up gently into her arms. Kennedy cried softly, holding on tight to her girlfriend. They cuddled for awhile, Jordan’s warm hands running up and down Kennedy’s back.
“Okay, Kennie. I think it’s time you finish your paper. Then its off to bed with you. I’ll heat up some spaghetti for you while you work, okay?” Jordan said, helping her girlfriend up off her lap. Kennedy sniffled and pulled on her boxers gingerly before going back to work on her paper. Before Kennedy sat down. Jordan kissed her cheek and said,
“I love you, baby girl.” Kennedy grinned and kissed her back.
“I love you, too.”


I have about four drafts started for stories and really can’t bring myself to finish any of them. I need your help! Does anyone have requests or ideas for stories for Kennedy and Jordan? I don’t write age play stories, so I won’t respond to requests for that, but I’d love to hear from you guys!!
-Your Troubled Writer

A Beer Keg and a Turning Point

Kennedy walked up the driveway, triple checking that she was at the right house. She barely knew the people who were hosting this party and she really only was planning on going so she’d have an excuse to do something with Jordan. The loud thumping of the music inside the house got her blood flowing a little and made her heart beat faster. She smiled, thinking about getting to kiss Jordan again. She checked the time on her phone and sighed. Jordan still wouldn’t be here for another twenty minutes. She walked up to the front door and took a deep breath before pushing it open.

Jordan cursed loudly, trying to swerve a little around the tan Cadillac crawling along the highway at 45 miles an hour. She made it one lane over before slamming on her brakes to narrowly avoid ramming into the line of stopped traffic in front of her. She sat up straight, trying to see what the hold up was. There were several firetrucks, ambulances and police cars up ahead. Jordan cursed again, looking for her phone. She had 1% battery left and she’d left her charger at work. She found Kennedy’s number and hit dial just as the screen went black.
“Oh come on. God damn it!” She yelled, before slumping in her seat. She was going to be seriously late to this party and now she had no way of telling Kennedy.

Kennedy looked at her phone, her finger hovering over the call button. She’d been contemplating calling Jordan to ask her where she was. She was an hour late already. Kennedy closed her eyes and hit call. It went straight to voice mail. She hung up before the beep. She didn’t want to say anything. She was fairly certain she wouldn’t be getting a call back. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time she’d been ditched. She was still hurt though. She really liked Jordan, and she thought the feeling was mutual. Kennedy shoved her phone in her pocket and walked back into the party, a singular tear running down her cheek.

Jordan pulled up in front of the house, hoping that she’d memorized the address correctly. She parked across the street, quickly fixing her hair and spraying herself with perfume before getting out. As she got closer to the house, she could hear the thumping of overly loud music, and shouting from inside. She sighed, hoping she’d find Kennedy quickly in the crowd. She squinted a little, trying to see past the pot and cigarette smoke. She followed the shouting, which led her to the kitchen. There was a large crowd of people standing around in a circle, chanting and yelling and laughing. Despite her mission to find Kennedy, Jordan’s curiosity was piqued. She leaned in, seeing what everyone was making such a huge deal about. Jordan’s heart sank as she recognized the girl being held upside down over a keg of beer. Kennedy’s legs were each held by muscley, tank topped frat boys who were cheering her on as she drank more and more alcohol. Jordan was conflicted. She didn’t know what authority she had in their new relationship, but she couldn’t just let this happen to Kennedy. She pushed her way through the crowd and yelled over the music and cheers to the guys holding onto her girlfriend.
“Okay, enough! Let her down!” She said, putting her hand gently on one of the frat guys’ arms. They all looked at her, smiling.
“Lady, she asked us not to put her down until she’d finished the whole thing. She’s going for a record or something. We can’t put her down” one of them informed her. She narrowed her eyes at the guy, deep down knowing this really wasn’t his fault, it was hers.
“I said, let her go. That’s my girlfriend you’re holding on to. If you dont let her down, I’m calling campus police” she said, throwing every good argument at him at once. He looked over at his friends and shrugged. They all simultaneously lowered Kennedy to the ground, grumbling. Kennedy stumbled and raised her arms wildly.
“H-hey! Who told you to put me down!! I wasn-wasn’t done yet!” She yelped in protest. She started to stumble over to the counter when she spotted Jordan. Jordan was motionless, not sure of what her next move should be.
“Oh. You’re here. What do you…what do you want?” Kennedy slurred. Jordan put her hand on the girl’s arm.
“I was stuck in traffic. My phone is dead. I’m so sorry, Kennedy,” she said, trying to look her in the eye. But Kennedy was wobbling, trying to stay standing on her own two feet.
“No. Fuck that. You-you-you could’ve called. Or sent an owl or something” she protested. Jordan sighed.
“Come on. Let’s get you somewhere quiet,” she said, gently taking Kennedy’s hand. Kennedy yanked her hand away, groaning.
“I…oh God. I need to puke” she said, her eyes tearing up. Jordan quickly took her arm and pulled her upstairs to the only bathroom she could find. Kennedy barely made it, dropping to her knees in front of the toilet. She retched, her body lurching forward with the effort. Jordan sat down on the floor beside her and rubbed her back. This was definitely not what she was expecting. But she didn’t want to leave her in her time of need. She didn’t trust anyone else here to take care of her. Kennedy started to cry, the emotional distress and physical sickness finally settling in. She pushed her hair back from her face and mumbled.
“Sweetheart, I can’t hear you” Jordan said. Kennedy looked over at Jordan, her forehead wrinkled with distress.
“Why did you leave me? You didn’t even bother to call,” she said before turning back to the toilet to retch. Jordan rubbed her back and sighed.
“Kennedy, honey. I told you. I got stuck behind a bad accident on the highway and my phone was dead. I couldn’t call you. I didn’t mean to leave you and I’m sorry I was an hour later than I’d promised. But what were you thinking? That this would make you feel better? You might have alcohol poisoning, all because of me?” Jordan asked. Kennedy’s body shook, her muscles flexing and relaxing as she tried to rid herself of the poison in her veins.
“I thought it was your way of telling me it was over between us. So I decided that if you didn’t care about me, then neither did I. So-” she interrupted herself to dry heave, her fingers clenched tightly around the edge of the bowl. Jordan ran her fingers through the girl’s hair, trying to calm her down. Kennedy took some toilet paper and wiped her mouth.
“So, I went and found the group of kids in tbe backyard with all the weed. I got high with them for awhile but then I got thirsty so I came in and did some shots. Then one of those frat guys dared me to do a keg stand. He said if I couldn’t do it, I had to take Molly with him. Which obviously I didn’t want to, so I told him I’d drink the whole damned thing. And then, and then you showed up,” she said, laying down next to the toilet. Jordan sat in silence for a minute, trying to choose her words carefully.
“Okay. Well I understand that you were hurt and you thought I wasn’t going to show up. I get that. But I’m here. I came. And we’ll talk about it more tomorrow when you’re comprehending everything I say to you. Come on,” she said, lifting the girl up into her arms. Kennedy didn’t protest, wrapping her arms around Jordan to hold on. She carried her downstairs and out to her car. She gently put her in the passenger seat and drove in silence back to her apartment, while Kennedy slept. Jordan woke her when they arrived and helped her walk up the apartment. She got her some pajamas to sleep in and let her use her toothbrush before tucking her into the bed. Jordan decided to sleep on the couch, in case Kennedy was upset in the morning.

Kennedy woke up, rubbing her eyes. She had a surprising mild headache, but a pretty severe stomach ache. She sat up quickly, once her eyes focused, momentarily forgetting where she was. Then she saw the beautiful photography projects hung everywhere amidst piles of CDs, movies, and papers. On the back of the bedroom door, there was a 5 foot long high definition poster of some girl standing next to an old school Mustang, wearing a ridiculous leather outfit. Kennedy rolled her eyes and climbed out of the annoyingly tall bed. She looked in the mirror above the dresser and groaned. She looked awful. Her hair was going a thousand different directions and her makeup was completely smudged off. She sighed and decided to just go off in search of Jordan. Her appearance didn’t matter much after what had happened the previous night. She walked into the living room to find Jordan sitting in a chair, sipping coffee and reading a book titled, “An Abundance of Katherines” by John Green. Jordan had heard Kennedy come out of the bedroom, so she set down the book and smiled a little.
“Hey,” Kennedy murmured.
“Hey,” Jordan replied. “How’re you feeling?”
“Like I got run over by a small minivan. You?” Kennedy answered, trying to keep the mood light. Jordan shifted in her seat.
“After last night, I’m surprised you don’t feel like you got run over by a fleet of trains,” Jordan said, crossing her arms. Kennedy looked at her feet.
“Um, yeah. About that,” Kennedy said quietly, her hopes of avoiding the subject dashed.
“Yeah, that. We need to talk, sweetheart.” Jordan said, a tone in her voice that Kennedy hadn’t heard before. “Okay,” was all she managed to get out. Jordan motioned to the couch that was across from her. Kennedy obediently sat down and folded her hands in her lap, studying them.
“Kennedy, can you look at me?” Jordan asked. Kennedy did, reluctantly.
“I didn’t mean to get to the party so late. And I’m really sorry that I couldn’t call you. But did you really think it was necessary to get high and drunk like you did?” Jordan asked. Kennedy stayed silent for over a minute before replying.
“I was hurt, and destroying myself felt like…like the best ‘fuck you’ I could give you,” she said quietly.
“Sweetheart I know that you were hurt. I get that you felt like I was abandoning you. But doing what you did to yourself was not okay. I need to know that you care about yourself and can be safe.”
“I care about myself. I just did it because… Because I feel like I’d be fucking you over somehow,” she replied. Jordan sighed, looking away.
“Are…are you breaking up with me?”Kennedy asked, her voice wavering.
“No, Kennedy. But I also don’t want you to think that I’m okay with this kind of thing. I, as your girlfriend, no matter how long we been together, will not just let you do that to yourself,” Jordan replied. Kennedy made a face.
“Okay. So, I’m not getting it. You’re not breaking up with me, but yeah. Yeah, I’m not getting it,” she said.
“What I’m saying is-” Jordan said, taking a deep breath and running her hand down her face, “is that as my girlfriend,  I need you to know that the kind of behavior you pulled last night doesn’t fly with me. There should be consequences when you act like that,” Jordan said, trying to remain calm. Kennedy looked at the floor.
“You don’t think my hangover and guilt about yelling at you are consequence enough?”she asked feebly.
“Not in this case, no. And I think you know that.”
“Well, okay. But I don’t get it. What do you want from me? An essay on why drugs and alcohol are bad?” She asked, a little snottily. Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“No. Not an essay. What I’m suggesting is very different. And this is something I will not do without your full and complete cooperation and understanding. This is only a suggestion, not a requirement. And I don’t want an answer right away. I’d want you to think on it for a few hours before accepting. Okay?” She said, surprised at herself for articulating that all as well as she did without panicking. Kennedy made a face,  her cheeks a little pale, before nodding.
“O…kay…uh…but…w-what is it?” Kennedy asked. Jordan felt the adrenaline now, the panic starting to rise up in her throat. She always hated this part. The introduction of a new kind of relationship, or the potential loss of one altogether, which had happened several times now. She took a long deep breath.
“I’m suggesting that because of your actions last night, and to prove to you that I refuse to let you do that to yourself…I’m suggesting that I…that I spank you, Kennedy,” she said, breathing out quickly. Kennedy remained silent, staring at her hands.
“Kennedy?” Jordan said, her heart sinking. Kennedy cleared her throat.
“You, uh. You. I. You didn’t want me to answer yet, right?” She stuttered.
“Right. I’d like you to take some time to think about it. Maybe go on a walk or something. If you’re not ready in a few hours, or you have questions first…just let me know” Jordan said. Kennedy nodded and stood up.
“Um, do have my clothes?” She asked, looking down at the pajamas she’d been borrowing. Jordan got them for her and sighed and Kennedy opened the door to leave after changing.
“Don’t look like that, I’ll be back” Kennedy said, smiling. Jordan tried to smile back but couldn’t. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d just lost a great girl.

Kennedy left the apartment, sighing to herself. That was not something she’d planned for. Not in a million years did she think that was what Jordan was going to say. After the way she’d acted last night, Kennedy mostly expected to get dumped. But Jordan had taken her home and cared for her. She still wasn’t fully processing everything Jordan had said. She just couldn’t think that far yet. She stood outside for a few minutes, determining how far away she was from campus. She walked in what she thought was the right direction and ended up seeing the University in a matter of minutes. She sighed and walked up to her dorm room, reaching into her back pocket for her wallet. She badged herself in and went to take a long, extremely hot shower to think things over.
It couldn’t be that bad, could it? She’d only been spanked as a kid, never as an adult. She didn’t really remember how it felt. But she had to admit to herself, she did have a tendency to toe the line occasionally to see if anyone would notice. She’d mouth off to teachers, write dirty notes in library books and apparently, she’d drink and smoke herself silly to prove to her girlfriend that…that what? She could? It was ridiculous, that she’d acted like that. Jordan didn’t decided to get stuck in traffic. She didn’t decide not to bring her charger. It wasn’t her fault. She’d really been right. Kennedy’s actions were definitely worthy of a punishment. If a spanking was what she decided on, then Kennedy had no choice but to take it. She liked Jordan, and couldn’t possibly risk not getting a second chance. She wanted to do it. But she had an errand to run first, and a thousand questions she wanted the answers to. 
Kennedy got out of the shower and got dressed in fresh, clean clothes. She did her hair up, not bothering to blow dry it today. Her roommate glanced up from her computer, just as Kennedy was about to leave.
“Hey. Where you going? You didn’t come home last night,” she asked, raising an eyebrow suggestively.
“I’m just going out, Taryn. Maybe I did come home last night, and you just  didn’t notice,” she said, sticking her tongue out at her before gently shutting the door. She walked out to her car, thankful that she’d had the foresight to leave it here last night. She thought if her car was at the party, she’d be tempted to drive it home. The campus police had checkpoints everywhere these days and the last thing she needed was a DUI. She hopping in her bright green Hyundai Santa Fe and drove off to run her errand, the nervousness settling in like an unwelcome house guest in her stomach.

The knock at Jordan’s door was so quiet, she’d almost missed it. She looked through the spy hole in the door to see Kennedy, shifting awkwardly on her feet in the hall, holding a Target bag. Jordan grinned and opened the door.
“You came back!” Jordan said, pulling the girl into her arms and squishing her tight. Kennedy giggled into Jordan’s shoulder and hugged her back.
“Of course I came back” she replied. Jordan pulled away and took her hand to lead her inside. They sat side by side on the couch in silence for a few seconds.
“So I have questions before I answer. But first, I have these” she said, gesturing to the bag in her lap. Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“Okay. And what are ‘these'”?she asked. Kennedy answered by dumping the contents of the bag into Jordan’s lap.
“A car charger for your phone, an extra wall charger, and an apology card. The card has Jafar from Aladdin on the cover, so you are obligated by Disney Law to accept its contents”she said, smiling. Jordan laughed and pulled the girl into her arms and kissed her face all over before letting her go. She smiled and took Kennedy’s hand in hers. Kennedy’s grin slowly faded as she became serious. She took the stuff from Jordan’s lap and put it on the coffee table.
“I have a lot of questions” she said quietly.
“Anything at all, sweetheart. I’m an open book” Jordan replied.
“Okay. Um, I guess the first one is…what exactly would this all entail if I agree to it?” Kennedy asked.
“Well, for right now I think it would be best if you agreed to this as a temporary thing. If you say yes, I want you to experience it once or twice before feeling like you’ve made a complete or final decision. Okay?” Jordan paused, looking Kennedy in the eyes. She nodded her reply and Jordan continued.
“But if you decide its what you want to try, then this is how it would look this time around. Since I feel that you were out of line yesterday with how you acted, I would give you a spanking. As per your consent, this spanking would be across my knees, without your pants or underwear on. Since this is your first spanking from me, I would only use my hand so I could properly gauge your pain threshold. I would continue spanking you until I feel you’ve learned your lesson. If at any point during the spanking, you change your mind or feel like you can’t continue, you’d need to use a safe word to get me to stop. Then we’d discuss it from there. Okay so far?” She asked. Kennedy nodded slowly.
“Okay, and what if after this, I decide its something I want? How will it look then?”she asked quietly.
“Well, if that’s the decision you’d make, we’d have to establish ground rules. Like, you need to be fully sure its the lifestyle you want, because its how we as a couple would learn to communicate certain things and would establish parts of our relationship. If you’re positive about it, then we’d make a list of general rules for you. Like not doing dangerous things, etc. If ever you broke a rule, you would be punished. This part of the relationship would be harder. Because the reason for punishment and the punishment itself is up to me. Obviously I’d allow you to object and to ask for reconsideration, but the final decision would be mine. I know that sounds hard, but that’s how it would work. As we progress in our relationship, we’d discuss the use of implements or alternative punishments. But for the early stages, we’ll stick with the simple hand spanking. With me so far?” Jordan asked. Kennedy nodded.
“So, um, if you broke a rule, am I supposed to like…am I -” Kennedy started.
“No, baby girl. You wouldn’t spank me. I mean, if you feel like its something you want too, I will consider trying it. But generally, I am not a switch” Jordan replied.
“Oh, no. Good. I don’t know how to spank anyone, and I’m really not interested in learning” she laughed. Jordan smiled.
“Good. What else?”
“Um, so, have you done this with girls before?” Kennedy asked nervously. Jordan sighed and nodded.
“Yes, a few. But they always ended up breaking it off because they couldn’t handle it” she said, sadly. Kennedy nudged her knee.
“I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here. Spanking or not, I’m here” she said, smiling. Jordan smiled back. Kennedy took a deep breath.
“Okay. Let’s do it. Let’s try this. Besides, if I’m being honest, I did earn a spanking” she said, her cheeks turning bright red as she said it. Jordan laughed a little.
“Really? You’re sure?” She asked. Kennedy nodded.
“I think I need it. I don’t know what I was thinking last night. Maybe this will help.” She said. Jordan nodded.
“Can I ask you a question first?” Jordan asked. Kennrdy nodded.
“Have…you ever been spanked before?” Jordan asked slowly.
“When I was a kid. Maybe twice? I don’t really remember it much. Why?” She asked nervously.
“I just wanted to know. Alright. You ready then? How about you come up with a safe word. It has to be something you’ll remember” she said.
“Maybe stop?” Kennedy replied, shrugging.
“No, that wont work. I want you to be able to say stop and please and all that while I’m spanking you. Trust me, the words leave your mouth when you don’t necessarily mean them. Try something unique. Something you wont naturally say in a fit of pain” Jordan said, squeezing Kennedy’s hand.
“Oh, okay. Um… Mufasa?” She asked, laughing. Jordan laughed too and nodded.
“Mufasa. Okay. Well, are you ready?”she asked awkwardly. Kennedy’s smile retreated and was replaced by a nervous grimace.
“As ready as I’ll ever be” she said quietly. Jordan stood up and walked into the kitchen to get a chair, and brought it to the middle of the living room.
“Alright, then. Come here, sweetheart” she said, patting her legs a little. Kennedy stood up and walked slowly to Jordan’s side.
“I’m going to start over your jeans and we’ll go from there. Okay?” Jordan said. Kennedy nodded, relieved. Jordan took Kennedy’s wrist gently and pulled her down across her knees. Kennedy wobbled before planting her hands on the ground.
“Last chance, baby. Are you sure?” Jordan asked, her hand resting on Kennedy’s ass. Despite the completely inappropriate timing, Kennedy’s skin tingled and her heart raced at the intimate touch. She cleared her throat and nodded, her heart continuing to race for a different reason now. She felt Jordan’s hand leave her ass, seconds before a heavy slap landed across her cheek. She jolted, somehow not expecting the sound. Jordan stopped.
“Don’t forget you have a safe word, baby” she said before raising her hand again, this time landing several hard smacks on each of Kennedy’s cheeks. Kennedy winced a little, the sting just barely registering through the layers of her clothes. Jordan stopped again.
“Okay. As you can probably tell, this isn’t an effective way to spank someone. So, I’m going to take your jeans down now. Is that okay?”she asked. Kennedy nodded and stood up.
Jordan allowed her to, helping her unbutton her jeans. Kennedy paused for a second.
“What’s wrong?” Jordan asked. Kennedy turned pink.
“You’ve never seen me like this before…its kind of embarrassing” she said, looking down. Jordan laughed.
“First of all, I did technically see you in your underwear last night when I changed your clothes. Second, there will be many, many opportunities to see each other with significantly less clothing than you’ll have today. And third, the embarrassment is part of the punishment. I have yet to take your underwear down yet, but I plan to soon. It’s okay, Kennedy. You’re beautiful, okay?” She said, leaning up to kiss the girl softly. Kennedy kissed back and then sniffled, defeated.
“Okay” she said quietly. Jordan guided her back over her knees and smiled. Kennedy had an extremely nice ass, and it seemed a shame to be introduced to it like this. But as she said earlier, there would be plenty more opportunities to be doing something else with that ass of hers. She tried to force the smile away, focusing on the task at hand.
“This is going to hurt a lot more. Please don’t forget you can use your safe word. What is it?” She asked, testing her.
“Um…Mufasa” Kennedy replied, one hand on the floor and the other holding on gently to Jordan’s ankle.
“Good girl” Jordan replied before raising her hand and beginning to spank Kennedy again. Kennedy jolted, gasping. It really did hurt a lot more than before. Jordan seemed to be really heavy handed, but her slaps were landing with precision across her ass. She winced and gripped Jordan’s ankle tighter.
“I will not tolerate the kind of behavior you exhibited last night, Kennedy. You were extremely reckless with yourself and you could’ve gotten alcohol poisoning or worse. It was unacceptable. Do you understand?” Jordan asked, spanking Kennedy with an increasing amount of strength until the last word. She paused, waiting for an answer. The one Kennedy gave surprised her.
“Y-yes ma’am” she whimpered quietly. Jordan smiled and continued the spanking. Kennedy was really a submissive at heart, if that answer came so easily to her. Jordan saw her girlfriend’s cheeks were turning a darker pink around the edges of her cute, frilly blue underwear.
“Alright, sweetheart. I’m going to take your underwear down now, okay?” Jordan asked. This time, there was no reply. Jordan waited a moment.
“Kennedy, if you need to use your safe word, please do. Otherwise I’m going to take your underwear down and continue. Okay?” She said, hoping for some sort of response. Kennedy shifted and looked back.
“It’s gonna hurt more, right?” She asked quietly. Jordan nodded.
“Yes, it will.”
“Okay” Kennedy replied, facing back down and holding on even tighter to Jordan’s ankle. Jordan watched her for a second before gently pulling back her underwear, sliding them down to the crook in the girl’s knees. She could feel Kennedy tense up, her muscles all at attention.
“Relax. It’s me” Jordan said, rubbing Kennedy’s back. This only made a slight difference in the girl’s muscle tension, but Jordan needed to focus. She lifted her hand, pausing a second longer than necessary, as a warning to  Kennedy before starting the last part of the spanking. Kennedy yelped and squirmed a little, the sting surprising her.
“Ow Jordan! Owww!” She whined, her legs kicking just a little.
“Keep your legs still, little one. I don’t want to hit your thighs on accident.” She said sternly. Kennedy mostly stopped, unable to completely stop squirming. Jordan continued, spanking her hard now.
“You will not act like that again, Kennedy. It was harmful, dangerous, and childish. You are not of age to be drinking in the first place, and I will not let you poison your body with drugs. Do you understand me?”she asked, continuing to spank the girl’s mostly red ass. Kennedy began to cry softly.
“Yes, Jordan. I understand, I do! Please, it really really hurts!” She said, reaching a hand back in an attempt at protecting herself from the stinging slaps. Jordan gently pinned her hand to her back and continued, lightening up a little.
“It’s supposed to hurt, baby girl. It’s almost over. You’re doing fine, honey” she said. She knew Kennedy remembered her safe word, and she knew not to give in just yet. She gave Kennedy a final round of spanks, making sure they were hard. When she finished, she let go of Kennedy’s hand and rubbed her back.
“It’s over now, baby. You’re okay. It’s all over” she said, her stomach twisting a little now that she could hear the girl’s quiet sobs. Kennedy stayed over Jordan’s knees, crying. She wasn’t sure if she was allowed up or if she wasn’t supposed to yet. Jordan lifted her up gently and scooped her up into her arms. She held the crying girl tight, running her fingers through her hair. Slowly, Kennedy calmed down and wiped away the last of her tears. She looked up at Jordan, her eyes still watery.
“I’m sorry, Jordan” she said quietly.
“It’s okay, Kennedy. It’s all okay now. You’re forgiven” Jordan said, kissing her girlfriend softly. Kennedy nuzzled in against her and sat quietly for a few minutes before mumbling something against her hoodie.
“What was that?” Jordan said, looking down. Kennedy glanced up at Jordan, her cheeks red witb embarrassment again.
“Um…I said…I said I think it’s what I want” she repeated. Jordan raised her eyebrows.
“Really?” She asked, shocked. Kennedy nodded.
“It hurts a lot more than I thought it would. And I’m not so happy bout the no underwear rule. But I think it’ll help. Help you and help me. So it’s what I want” she said, looking down. Jordan gently lifted her chin.
“Promise you’re not saying it because you think it’s what I want to hear?” She asked. Kennedy nodded.
“I’m a little bit of a brat sometimes, and it’ll be good for me to have someone who doesn’t put up with my shit.” She said, smiling. Jordan smiled back and kissed her softly before hugging her tight. She sighed happily, planning on never letting the girl in her arms go.

                         THE END

The Start of Something Beautiful

Jordan parked her bright blue Honda Pilot in the first spot outside Sabin Hall at 6:57. She wanted to be early, but not too early. She turned down her music, squinting to see if she could spot Kennedy. She saw her, sitting on the  brick wall next to the sidewalk, smoking something. Jordan muttered to herself about changing the habit before pulling her keys out of the ignition and climbing out of her car. Just as she started to walk towards the smaller girl, she stood up and put out her cigarette.
“Hey there. Was that you with the Panic At The Disco blaring?” Kennedy  asked playfully.
“Hey yourself. Yeah, it was. What were you smoking?”she asked, trying to be nonchalant. Kennedy looked over her shoulder like she was trying to remember.
“Oh. That’s a Prime Time. Cherry flavored” she answered quietly. Jordan nodded and said “huh.”
Kennedy shuffled awkwardly.
“So, what do you wanna do?” she asked. Jordan took her hand and led her towards the car.
“Come on. I’ll show you.”
Kennedy’s heart began to race and she couldn’t help but grin. She didn’t care where this girl was taking her, she’d go anywhere if it meant her hand was in hers. Jordan motioned for her to get in the passenger seat before hoping in the driver’s seat. She drove like a grandma, making Kennedy smile a little. Opposites do attract, after all. 
“Where are you taking me? I’m not being kidnapped am I?” she joked. Jordan winked at her and turned up her Panic At The Disco cd, driving them to a little run down laser tag center in the middle of town.
“We’re here” Jordan announced, turning off her car. Kennedy smiled and hopped out, the butterflies in her stomach growing exponentially. Jordan stole Kennedy’s hand again, walking slowly with her to the doors.
“Is this okay?”she asked, her confidence waning slightly. Kennedy grinned.
“It’s perfect”she replied. Jordan smiled and opened the door for her.
“So, I know you’re a freshman, I know your name is Kennedy and I know you don’t deal pot. What else should I know?” Jordan said as they walked up to the counter. Kennedy smiled and before answering, politely asked the guy at the counter for two vests and guns and a five round pass for each of them. The tall, skinny blond teenager glanced back and forth between Jordan and Kennedy while he rang them up. Kennedy put her debit card up on the counter before Jordan had the chance to, and turned back toward her.
“My full name is Kennedy Ray Arlington. My favorite color is orange which I know is weird, and my favorite thing to do is longboard. Your turn,” Kennedy finished, taking her debit card back from the cashier and handing Jordan her vest and blue gun. Jordan smiled and put the vest on.
“My full name is Jordan Marie Andretti. I’m a junior, double majoring in History and Architecture. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite thing to do is probably read” she said, leading Kennedy into the dark maze like room. There was no one else here, so the guy at the desk came in after them.
“Hey. It’s just you guys. Do you want some music or something to play to?” He asked, gesturing back to the desk he was at.
“Sure. Play us whatever you want,” Jordan said, smiling. She looked over  at Kennedy momentarily to make sure it was okay. She nodded. He nodded back.
“Okay then. Have fun” he said, walking out again. A few seconds later, the lights on their vests turned on and Pressure by Paramore started to play. Kennedy grinned and took off, finding a place to hide. The music wasn’t too loud that they couldn’t hear each other, so Jordan snuck off after her, crouched down a little. A few seconds later, Kennedy popped out from behind a pillar and shot her laser right at the target on Jordan’s chest.
“POINT PLAYER TWO” interrupted the music momentarily. Kennedy did a little dance and grinned. Jordan laughed.
“Tell me something else about yourself” she said, getting a little closer so she wouldn’t have to yell. Kennedy covered her target with her hand, eyeing Jordan suspiciously.
“I’m only single majoring, but in Sociology. Your turn?” She said, smiling. Jordan took Kennedy’s hand gently away from her target and said, “only if you can score another point,” before quickly shooting Kennedy’s target and darting off.
Kennedy cursed quietly and waited a second before pursuing her. She crouched down in perfect military stance as she searched for Jordan. The taller girl was standing against a wall, unsure of where she’d even run to. Kennedy smiled to herself and snuck quietly and swiftly to a position about three feet away. She aimed, fired, and then stood, just as the “POINT PLAYER TWO” announcement came. Jordan looked around in shock and then laughed.
“Touché” she said.
“C’mon. You know the deal. You tell me something about you now” Kennedy said, leaning against the wall that had bamboo shoots painted on it.
“Hmm. I guess I do owe you that. Something else, huh? Well, there’s this girl I really like. But I’m not sure she knows it” Jordan said. Kennedy pushed herself off the wall. Her chest felt like a piece of paper being crumpled and tossed away. She hated games like this. She looked away from Jordan, feeling the heat grow in her cheeks. Immediately, Jordan saw what she did.
“Hey, no. No” she said, taking Kennedy’s hands in hers, letting her gun fall against her leg, the rope catching it for her. Kennedy did the same, her gun thumping painfully into her knee.
“Kennedy, please look at me. Please” Jordan said, pleadingly. Kennedy obliged.
“It’s you. The girl I like is you. I wouldn’t take you to this ridiculous laser tag place and run around like an idiot with  you if I didn’t like you. Okay? I’m sorry, sweetheart” she said, pulling Kennedy into a hug. Kennedy couldn’t manage to force any words out of her mouth. The crumpled paper feeling in her chest quickly changed to feeling like a million warm, over excited butterflies. She grinned and hugged Jordan back, breathing in the intoxicating smell of her. Jordan smiled at the sudden reciprocation of her hug and apparent acceptance of her apology.
“C’mon. Let’s get out of here,” she said, taking Kennedy’s hand. She followed, her cheeks turning a little pink. Jordan returned both of their equipment at the front desk and thanked the cashier before walking out with Kennedy. She found a small bench and sat down, patting the seat next to her.
“Let’s play some more of the question game,” Jordan said, smiling. “You first though.”
“Okay. Well. Um. Tell me a secret about you” she said, looking down at her feet in embarassment. Jordan laughed.
“Nope. It doesn’t work like that, dork. I can’t just tell you all my secrets. It’s supposed to be the question game, not the secret game.”
Kennedy sniffled. “Not all secrets. Just one. One measly little secret.”
“Only if you tell me one too” Jordan said, pushing Kennedy’s shoulder playfully.
“Yeah, fine, fine. Extortion is real after all, I see,” Kennedy said, winking.
“Hmmm. Okay. Well. A secret huh,” she said, scratching her chin in thought. Then she leaned in and whispered in Kennedy’s ear.
I’ve been thinking about you every day since the first day we met” she whispered. Kennedy blushed and fidgeted, playing with ger hands.
“That’s um…that’s a good secret” she said. Jordan winked and took Kennedy’s hand in hers.
“Your turn,” she replied. Kennedy cleared her throat and stared at her feet for a few long seconds.
“Oh come on. I know you’ve got secrets. You can’t scare me. Let me guess, even. You’re a super bad rebel, breaking rules and hearts wherever you go? You have a fetish for teachers? Or! I bet, I bet you’re gonna tell me you’ve never been outside of Colorado” she joked, squeezing Kennedy’s hand.
“No matter what your secret is, I’ll always keep it. So don’t be scared” she said, leaning in to kiss Kennedy on the cheek. Kennedy smiled and leaned in slowly, making up her mind to be brave.
I really like you,and I hope you’ll be my girlfriend soon” she whispered, pulling away to hide her face in her hoodie. Jordan gently pulled Kennedy’s hands  down before kissing her softly. After a few seconds, she pulled away.
“I’ve never liked someone as fast as I have started to like you. And this is crazy, but…would you be my girlfriend, Kennedy Arlington?” Jordan asked, her cheeks turning red and her heart racing out of control.  Kennedy smiled a huge smile and nodded.
“Of course, Jordan A-Andretti?” Kennedy asked, the last bit coming out like a question. Jordan laughed and kissed her, hard, wrapping her arms around the girl. They kissed for several minutes, wrapped up in each other before they reluctantly pulled apart. Kennedy fidgeted and looked down.
“So um…there’s a party I was gonna go to on Thursday and I wanted to know if you’d like to come with” Kennedy asked quietly. Jordan smiled and shifted positions a little.
“I’d love to. But I have work until 8:30. What time is the party?” She asked. Kennedy tried not to look disappointed.
“It starts at 8.”
“Well good. I won’t miss much. I’ll be there. I promise” she said, pulling Kennedy close to kiss her again. Eventually, they gave each other their  respective phone numbers and Jordan took Kennedy back to her dorm. Kennedy said she’d text Jordan the address, and Jordan promised to be at  the party by 9. The two kissed goodbye and left, each of them grinning like idiots.