August Days

The sun was just barely peeking through the clouds on a perfect fall day in August. It was the first week of classes, and everyone was meandering all over campus, clutching their schedules. Jordan Andretti was a junior at the University of Northern Colorado this year, and had already memorized her schedule. She had Philosophy first thing in the morning that day, in Candelaria Hall. She absolutely hated the building, and was taking her time getting there. She sat on the steps out front, grumbling to herself about the awful artwork they allowed up in the halls, when she noticed a girl standing in the exact middle of the sidewalk. She had what Jordan could only assume was her class schedule in her hand, and a look of complete desperation and panic on her face. She wad frantically scanning the buildings, trying to determine which was which. Jordan sat for a moment longer, considering her. The girl was obviously a freshman. She was short and was pretty small for her age. She had long black hair, done up in a funky lazy pony tale. She she had on dark blue skinny jeans, torn (unintentionally) in both knees, holey green converse and a purple t-shirt with something on it that Jordan couldn’t read. She was absolutely adorable. Jordan typically didn’t take much pity on freshman. Everyone had to find their own way eventually. But this girl was too cute to walk away from. She stood up, brushing the dirt and dust from the back of her jeans before walking calmly over to the girl. She gently touched the girl’s shoulder.

Kennedy Arlington had been just about ready to give up on this whole university bull shit, tired of being lost. She’d spent the last hour trying find where the library was. According to the map, she was standing literally in front of it. But her classroom was nowhere to be found inside when she was there half an hour before. She pouted at the map, willing it to tell her what to do, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw a tall girl, obviously older than she was, smiling at her.
“You look a little lost. Can I help you find anything?”She said, smiling a little crooked smile. Kennedy turned a little pink and smiled awkwardly.
“Uh yeah. I’m pretty lost. I’m supposed to have Calculus and Statistics in room 102 here, at the library. But there is no 102, and this map says it’s the only library on campus…”she trailed off. Jordan smiled.
“Room 102 is in the basement. I’ll show you” she said, nodding towards the building. Kennedy readjusted her messenger bag strap and smiled.
“Okay. Thank you so much,”she said, looking at the ground to try and hide her blushing cheeks. First day of school and already she was being led around campus by a really hot girl. She watched the girl as she walked, her hips swaying a little. This mysterious girl was tall and thin, her curly brown hair extending to her middle back. She had on black cargo capris that were extremely well fitted to her body type, a white tank top, and a yellow cardigan. Kennedy couldn’t help but be entranced by the girl, finding herself irrevocably attracted to her. She wasn’t actually paying attention to where she was being led, she only just managed to stop before running smack into the back of her leader.
“Here we are. Room 102” the girl said. She stuck out her hand.
“I’m Jordan, by the way. Jordan Andretti.”
“I’m Kennedy. Kennedy A-Arlington” she replied, stumbling on her own name. her cheeks grew even warmer.
“Well, it was nice to meet you Kennedy. I hope I see you around,” Jordan said, smiling to herself as she turned and walked away.

Jordan walked quickly back to Candelaria Hall, knowing she’d just made herself several minutes late for class.
“Kennedy, huh?” she said to herself as she walked briskly towards her class. She liked the girl, despite the freshman factor. She was cute, and shy. Jordan had a thing for shy girls.
“Jordan Andretti, I assume?” came a voice from the front of the room she’d just walked into in a haze. She looked up, slightly alarmed. The entire room of 80 or so people were turned around in their chairs, looking at her. This time, it was her face that turned pink.
“Uh. Yeah. Sorry,” she said quitely. She found the last empty chair, in the dead center of the classroom. She took out a notebook from her backpack and put her head down, smiling like a moron.

Kennedy sat in the desk in the way back corner, trying not to smile. She didn’t want people to think she was insanely happy to be in a math clad at 8 in the morning. But she couldn’t help but feel warm all over, just thinking about Jordan.


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