The Start of Something Beautiful

Jordan parked her bright blue Honda Pilot in the first spot outside Sabin Hall at 6:57. She wanted to be early, but not too early. She turned down her music, squinting to see if she could spot Kennedy. She saw her, sitting on the  brick wall next to the sidewalk, smoking something. Jordan muttered to herself about changing the habit before pulling her keys out of the ignition and climbing out of her car. Just as she started to walk towards the smaller girl, she stood up and put out her cigarette.
“Hey there. Was that you with the Panic At The Disco blaring?” Kennedy  asked playfully.
“Hey yourself. Yeah, it was. What were you smoking?”she asked, trying to be nonchalant. Kennedy looked over her shoulder like she was trying to remember.
“Oh. That’s a Prime Time. Cherry flavored” she answered quietly. Jordan nodded and said “huh.”
Kennedy shuffled awkwardly.
“So, what do you wanna do?” she asked. Jordan took her hand and led her towards the car.
“Come on. I’ll show you.”
Kennedy’s heart began to race and she couldn’t help but grin. She didn’t care where this girl was taking her, she’d go anywhere if it meant her hand was in hers. Jordan motioned for her to get in the passenger seat before hoping in the driver’s seat. She drove like a grandma, making Kennedy smile a little. Opposites do attract, after all. 
“Where are you taking me? I’m not being kidnapped am I?” she joked. Jordan winked at her and turned up her Panic At The Disco cd, driving them to a little run down laser tag center in the middle of town.
“We’re here” Jordan announced, turning off her car. Kennedy smiled and hopped out, the butterflies in her stomach growing exponentially. Jordan stole Kennedy’s hand again, walking slowly with her to the doors.
“Is this okay?”she asked, her confidence waning slightly. Kennedy grinned.
“It’s perfect”she replied. Jordan smiled and opened the door for her.
“So, I know you’re a freshman, I know your name is Kennedy and I know you don’t deal pot. What else should I know?” Jordan said as they walked up to the counter. Kennedy smiled and before answering, politely asked the guy at the counter for two vests and guns and a five round pass for each of them. The tall, skinny blond teenager glanced back and forth between Jordan and Kennedy while he rang them up. Kennedy put her debit card up on the counter before Jordan had the chance to, and turned back toward her.
“My full name is Kennedy Ray Arlington. My favorite color is orange which I know is weird, and my favorite thing to do is longboard. Your turn,” Kennedy finished, taking her debit card back from the cashier and handing Jordan her vest and blue gun. Jordan smiled and put the vest on.
“My full name is Jordan Marie Andretti. I’m a junior, double majoring in History and Architecture. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite thing to do is probably read” she said, leading Kennedy into the dark maze like room. There was no one else here, so the guy at the desk came in after them.
“Hey. It’s just you guys. Do you want some music or something to play to?” He asked, gesturing back to the desk he was at.
“Sure. Play us whatever you want,” Jordan said, smiling. She looked over  at Kennedy momentarily to make sure it was okay. She nodded. He nodded back.
“Okay then. Have fun” he said, walking out again. A few seconds later, the lights on their vests turned on and Pressure by Paramore started to play. Kennedy grinned and took off, finding a place to hide. The music wasn’t too loud that they couldn’t hear each other, so Jordan snuck off after her, crouched down a little. A few seconds later, Kennedy popped out from behind a pillar and shot her laser right at the target on Jordan’s chest.
“POINT PLAYER TWO” interrupted the music momentarily. Kennedy did a little dance and grinned. Jordan laughed.
“Tell me something else about yourself” she said, getting a little closer so she wouldn’t have to yell. Kennedy covered her target with her hand, eyeing Jordan suspiciously.
“I’m only single majoring, but in Sociology. Your turn?” She said, smiling. Jordan took Kennedy’s hand gently away from her target and said, “only if you can score another point,” before quickly shooting Kennedy’s target and darting off.
Kennedy cursed quietly and waited a second before pursuing her. She crouched down in perfect military stance as she searched for Jordan. The taller girl was standing against a wall, unsure of where she’d even run to. Kennedy smiled to herself and snuck quietly and swiftly to a position about three feet away. She aimed, fired, and then stood, just as the “POINT PLAYER TWO” announcement came. Jordan looked around in shock and then laughed.
“Touché” she said.
“C’mon. You know the deal. You tell me something about you now” Kennedy said, leaning against the wall that had bamboo shoots painted on it.
“Hmm. I guess I do owe you that. Something else, huh? Well, there’s this girl I really like. But I’m not sure she knows it” Jordan said. Kennedy pushed herself off the wall. Her chest felt like a piece of paper being crumpled and tossed away. She hated games like this. She looked away from Jordan, feeling the heat grow in her cheeks. Immediately, Jordan saw what she did.
“Hey, no. No” she said, taking Kennedy’s hands in hers, letting her gun fall against her leg, the rope catching it for her. Kennedy did the same, her gun thumping painfully into her knee.
“Kennedy, please look at me. Please” Jordan said, pleadingly. Kennedy obliged.
“It’s you. The girl I like is you. I wouldn’t take you to this ridiculous laser tag place and run around like an idiot with  you if I didn’t like you. Okay? I’m sorry, sweetheart” she said, pulling Kennedy into a hug. Kennedy couldn’t manage to force any words out of her mouth. The crumpled paper feeling in her chest quickly changed to feeling like a million warm, over excited butterflies. She grinned and hugged Jordan back, breathing in the intoxicating smell of her. Jordan smiled at the sudden reciprocation of her hug and apparent acceptance of her apology.
“C’mon. Let’s get out of here,” she said, taking Kennedy’s hand. She followed, her cheeks turning a little pink. Jordan returned both of their equipment at the front desk and thanked the cashier before walking out with Kennedy. She found a small bench and sat down, patting the seat next to her.
“Let’s play some more of the question game,” Jordan said, smiling. “You first though.”
“Okay. Well. Um. Tell me a secret about you” she said, looking down at her feet in embarassment. Jordan laughed.
“Nope. It doesn’t work like that, dork. I can’t just tell you all my secrets. It’s supposed to be the question game, not the secret game.”
Kennedy sniffled. “Not all secrets. Just one. One measly little secret.”
“Only if you tell me one too” Jordan said, pushing Kennedy’s shoulder playfully.
“Yeah, fine, fine. Extortion is real after all, I see,” Kennedy said, winking.
“Hmmm. Okay. Well. A secret huh,” she said, scratching her chin in thought. Then she leaned in and whispered in Kennedy’s ear.
I’ve been thinking about you every day since the first day we met” she whispered. Kennedy blushed and fidgeted, playing with ger hands.
“That’s um…that’s a good secret” she said. Jordan winked and took Kennedy’s hand in hers.
“Your turn,” she replied. Kennedy cleared her throat and stared at her feet for a few long seconds.
“Oh come on. I know you’ve got secrets. You can’t scare me. Let me guess, even. You’re a super bad rebel, breaking rules and hearts wherever you go? You have a fetish for teachers? Or! I bet, I bet you’re gonna tell me you’ve never been outside of Colorado” she joked, squeezing Kennedy’s hand.
“No matter what your secret is, I’ll always keep it. So don’t be scared” she said, leaning in to kiss Kennedy on the cheek. Kennedy smiled and leaned in slowly, making up her mind to be brave.
I really like you,and I hope you’ll be my girlfriend soon” she whispered, pulling away to hide her face in her hoodie. Jordan gently pulled Kennedy’s hands  down before kissing her softly. After a few seconds, she pulled away.
“I’ve never liked someone as fast as I have started to like you. And this is crazy, but…would you be my girlfriend, Kennedy Arlington?” Jordan asked, her cheeks turning red and her heart racing out of control.  Kennedy smiled a huge smile and nodded.
“Of course, Jordan A-Andretti?” Kennedy asked, the last bit coming out like a question. Jordan laughed and kissed her, hard, wrapping her arms around the girl. They kissed for several minutes, wrapped up in each other before they reluctantly pulled apart. Kennedy fidgeted and looked down.
“So um…there’s a party I was gonna go to on Thursday and I wanted to know if you’d like to come with” Kennedy asked quietly. Jordan smiled and shifted positions a little.
“I’d love to. But I have work until 8:30. What time is the party?” She asked. Kennedy tried not to look disappointed.
“It starts at 8.”
“Well good. I won’t miss much. I’ll be there. I promise” she said, pulling Kennedy close to kiss her again. Eventually, they gave each other their  respective phone numbers and Jordan took Kennedy back to her dorm. Kennedy said she’d text Jordan the address, and Jordan promised to be at  the party by 9. The two kissed goodbye and left, each of them grinning like idiots.

The Fucking Duke of Yorkshire

Kennedy was having a bad day. First, she didn’t have coffee that morning because she was out of her creamer. She only drank coffee when it ceased to actually taste like coffee. So she was cranky from a lack of caffeine. Second, she left her favorite hoodie in her first class that morning and she’d probably never see it again. And third, when she went to the library later that day, she was told (rather rudely) by the librarian that she was at her limit on her card and she’d have to return a few books if she wanted to borrow more.
She decided to give up on the day and drove home from the library, cutting people off and using her middle finger more often than her turn signal. After walking into her apartment, she slammed the front door and threw her backpack on the floor. Jordan was in the kitchen, making their dinner. She looked up, alarmed.
“Kennedy?”She yelled.
“No! It’s the fucking Duke of Yorkshire!” Kennedy yelled back, storming into their bedroom at the end of the hall. Jordan stood still for a second, trying to decide what to do. She momentarily settled for gesticulating wildly with her two middle fingers in her girlfriend’s direction. Then she sighed and shut the oven off to go talk to her temperamental girlfriend. As she walked down the hallway, she heard Kennedy talking and cursing to herself. Jordan nudged the door open a little further and knocked on the door frame.
“What’s wrong?”She asked. Kennedy looked at her.
“Everything. Everything is wrong”she said, kicking the bed. Jordan folded her arms, raising an eyebrow.
“Sounds like someone had an attitude problem”she said. Kennedy narrowed her eyes and slowly raised both middle fingers to her girlfriend.
“This is what I think of your attitude problem”she said, defiantly. Jordan shook her head.
“You better fix your attitude right now, little one,”she said, “and tell me what you’re so upset about.” Kennedy stuck her tongue out at Jordan before saying,”you better fuck off right now, little one.” Jordan reached out and swiftly grabbed hold of Kennedy’s wrist, pulling her closer and HARD. Kennedy tugged back, having no regard for how much this was actually hurting her wrist. Before she could say anything, Jordan roughly turned her sideways. She smacked her girlfriend’s ass extremely hard. Kennedy squirmed, painfully twisting her captive wrist. This resulted in a few stray smacks to the backs of her thighs. Jordan let her go.
“Go stand in the corner, hands on your head. Do not move. I can’t punish you right now, or you won’t have any ass left”she said, fuming. Kennedy glared and didn’t move. Jordan pointed at the corner and yelled “NOW.” Kennedy growled and stomped off to the corner. Jordan stormed away, growling under her breath.
“That girl. That little brat. She’s gonna get it SO hard” she said to herself, walking back and forth. She was losing control earlier, and was glad she stepped away. Kennedy got like this sometimes. She’d get so caught up in pressing Jordan’s buttons that her self preservation just disappeared, and she had a hard time knowing when to stop. Unfortunately, Jordan also had a hard time with controlling her temper. She wanted to throttle Kennedy. But she knew it wouldn’t do any good, and would actually be very damaging to their relationship dynamic. She paced for a few more seconds. She felt more controlled now, more calm. She walked back into the room to see Kennedy standing kind of in the corner, playing with a pen.
“I thought I told you to stand still with your hands on your head, little one” Jordan said, not amused. Kennedy jumped and dropped the pen, clumsily flinging her hands up onto her head.
“Right. Yeah. And uh… That’s what I’m doing.”She said. Jordan sighed and sat on the bed.
“Come here” she said, gesturing to her lap. Kennedy reluctantly obeyed. Shuffling over, she flopped herself over her girlfriend’s knees. Jordan smacked her ass once, but hard. Kennedy yelped and pouted at her.
“Tell me what’s wrong”she said, sternly. Kennedy sniffled.
“I had a bad day, okay?” She started to stand, figuring she was done. Jordan pressed gently on her back to make her lay back down.
“No. I’m not even close to done with you, little girl.” Kennedy whined.
“Yeah but I’m done. Lemme up.”Jordan smiled.
“Okay. Get up. Take all your clothes off and get back over my knee”she said.  The more Kennedy fought her on it, the worse she’d make it on her. She was actually having a little sadistic fun with it now. Kennedy didn’t move, and stayed quiet.
“Kennie…”Jordan said.
“Nah. I’m uh. I’m good here. I’ll stay” she said. Jordan smacked her ass, right down the middle.
“Lovely. But I wasn’t asking. Up. Now”she demanded. Kennedy got up slowly, removing each article of clothing with painstaking slowness. Finally, when she stood stark naked in front of her, Jordan pulled her back over her knees.
“That’s better”she said.
“So, Kennedy. This is what happens when you are an absolute brat to me just because you had a bad day. Do you understand me?” She asked. Kennedy nodded, knowing her face was still bright red. Obviously she’d been naked with her girlfriend before. But this was different. She yelped as the spanking began, Jordan’s notoriously heavy hand striking hard. She tried not to squirm, her leg muscles strained into position.

Jordan wasn’t planning on using anything other than her hand this time, but she wanted Kennedy to feel it tomorrow, so she hit heavy, going for the deep muscles. Kennedy hated this, her pain tolerance significantly lower than with a regular spanking.
“Fuck Jo, that really really hurts”she said through gritted teeth.
“Good. Stand up for me real quick”Jordan said suddenly. Kennedy did, relieved for the break.
“Go get your soap”Jordan said, taking the opportunity to look her naked girlfriend up and down. Kennedy’s eyes widened. They’d bought soap after a friend of theirs in the domestic discipline community suggested it for Kennedy’s foul mouth. But they’d never used it before.
“But… babe…”She whined.
“Now, little one”Jordan said. Kennedy walked off, pouting. She came back with the little white bar of soap, but didn’t give it to her girlfriend. Jordan held her hand out until she surrendered it.
“Open your mouth”Jordan said. Kennedy shook her head no and clamped her mouth shut. Jordan stood up, towering a little above her shorter girlfriend. She held the soap in one hand and smacked Kennedy on the ass as hard as she could. Kennedy yelped, giving Jordan the opportunity to grab her gently by the jaw and put the soap in her mouth. She knew better than to spit it out, so Kennedy gently bit down on it to keep it from falling out. The bitter taste permeated her mouth, making her want to gag. Before she could think about it further, Jordan had put her back over her knee and continued to spank her as hard as before.
“My girl isn’t going to talk to me like that. You know I don’t like you using that kind of language. So now you get to keep that soap in your mouth until I say otherwise. If you spit it out, you’ll regret it”Jordan said, wrapping one arm around Kennedy’s waist to get a better hold on her while she continued to spank with more force. Kennedy wriggled and squirmed, fighting hard. Jordan grew tired of holding her down so tightly, so she began an onslaught of harsh smacks to Kennedy’s bare thighs. She yelled out loud at the pain, dropping the soap in her outcry.
“Owwww baby please. Please no. No more”she begged. Jordan paused, looking at the soap lying on the floor. She shook her head in disappointment and slid her leg between her girlfriend’s and slowly pushed them as far apart as she could. Kennedy’s stomach turned and her face grew hot. This was a new level of naked and she didn’t like it.
“Now I bet you wish you’d kept hold of the soap”, Jordan said, continuing the spanking. For a few minutes, Kennedy took the smacks in relative silence, her embarrassment outweighing her pain. But finally, she began to cry and truly apologize for her brattiness.
“Please, Jordan. I’m really really sorry. I shouldn’t have taken my bad day out on you. I’m really sorry baby”she said, crying softly. Jordan stopped and pulled her remorseful girl into her arms. She ran her fingers through Kennedy’s hair and held her tight.
“Shhh honey. You’re okay. It’s all okay”she said, kissing Kennedy’s soap flavored lips. They cuddled like that for awhile, kissing and smiling.
“I love you, my little Duke of Yorkshire” Jordan said. Kennedy grinned.
“I love you too, babe”she replied.

Just One Of Those Days

Kennedy sauntered into the kitchen, yawning into her fist. Jordan looked up from the table and smiled.
“Hey sleepy girl” she said. Kennedy rubbed her eyes and smiled sleepily.
“You got up without me. Rude” she replied, trying to look stern. Jordan raised an eyebrow.
“You looked so peaceful all snuggled up in your fuzzy green pajamas. I couldn’t wake you up” she said. Kennedy rolled her eyes and walked over to the coffee pot, turning it on.
“Baby girl, its past 11. Do you really think coffee is a good idea right now?” Jordan asked, knowing Kennedy’s caffeine addiction was getting slightly out of hand. Kennedy whipped around.
“Yes. It’s a perfect idea. Coffee is always a good idea. And…and I do what I want” she finished, her intended grand finale fizzling out before she turned back around to the coffee machine, her cheeks turning pink. She knew it was probably dumb to talk to her dominant girlfriend like that, but she couldn’t help it. Pre-caffeine Kennedy was not a good Kennedy. Jordan stood up slowly from the table, weighing her options. She knew her girlfriend was just being a brat, but she also knew that if she let that comment slide, Kennedy would start to think it was true. This wasn’t a major offense, and typically Jordan would just stick her in the corner like a child for a minute and tell her to knock it off. But there was something about her short, cute girlfriend that was giving her mixed signals. Her long black hair was in a lazy bun, still a little frazzled from sleep. Her shoulder blades stuck out a little above her tight blue tank top, and her old fuzzy green pajamas rested just so on her hips, that it was driving Jordan insane. She couldn’t decide if she should ravage her girlfriend or follow through and show her who was the boss in their relationship.
She walked up behind her girlfriend, resisting the urge to touch her yet.
“Can you repeat that?” She asked. Kennedy jumped, previously unaware of how close Jordan was.
“I…I…do what I want?” She stuttered. Jordan moved slightly away from Kennedy, far enough to swing her arm back and smack her girlfriend on the ass, hard. Kennedy yelped.
“You fucking told me to say it!!”she whined. Jordan took Kennedy by the arm and led her the few feet to the kitchen table before bending her roughly over it.
“You watch your mouth, little one. And no one told you to say it the first time, did they?” she asked before raining down a flurry of hard swats to her girlfriend’s ass. She had her hand pressed into the small of Kennedy’s back, holding her down against the hard wooden tabletop.
“Owww, okay. Okay! Let me go, damn it!”she yelled, reaching back uselessly in an attempt to push her girlfriend’s hand off her back. Jordan shook her head and with one hand, yanked down the fuzzy green pants her girlfriend was wearing.
“First of all, you do not get to talk to me like that. Secondly, you don’t get to do whatever you want. You know this relationship doesn’t work like that. Third, you need to cut it out with the caffeine. You know better,”she scolded, starting a new round of harsh slaps to Kennedy’s more exposed ass. She could already see the redness beginning to appear on the girl’s cheeks.
“Okay, okay. You’re right. I’m OWW sorry. I am! I don’t get to have too much caffeine, I don’t get to talk to you like I did, and OWWW I don’t get to do whatever I want! Please, JoJo. I’m sorry,” she pleaded, releasing all control to he girlfriend. Jordan smiled at the sudden obedience, and raised an eyebrow.
“I think someone needs a little reminder of who is in charge in this relationship. Don’t you?”she asked, eyeing her girlfriend up and down, smiling to herself. Kennedy was still bent over the table, pinned down. She fidgeted, not sure of what to say.
“But…but…I thought that’s what that was? Jordan, please. No more. I said I was sorry, and I meant it!”she whined. Jordan smiled and ran her spare hand down Kennedy’s light red ass and down the inside of her upper thigh.
“That was part of it. I just want you to be perfectly clear on how our relationship goes. I get to do whatever I want. You do not,” she said, running one finger back up her girlfriend’s bare thigh. Kennedy shivered slightly, her back arching a little involuntarily.
“Yes, ma’am,” she whispered, trying not to moan.
“I have complete control over you. Dont I, Kennedy Ray?” She asked, smiling to herself. Kennedy moaned softly.
“Yes ma’am” she whimpered. Jordan pressed herself against Kennedy a little, feeling the warmth of her red ass against her thighs. Slowly, she slid her girlfriend’s underwear down to her ankles.
“Please, Jordan,” whispered. Jordan smiled and leaned down, kissing the back of her girlfriend’s neck, one hand still gently pressing on her back and the other wandering up and down Kennedy’s legs. She bit down on the girl’s neck, enjoying the pained moan of pleasure it caused. Kennedy’s hands gripped the edge of the table, trying to maintain some small shred of control.
“Beg for it, Kennedy” Jordan said, smiling. Kennedy moaned quietly.
“Please, Jordan. Please fuck me, god, please fuck me” she said, getting louder as she spoke. Jordan happily obliged, keeping her girlfriend in the submissive position she was in while she fucked her. Kennedy yelled her girlfriend’s name over and over, the neighbors surely heard every one. When she had finished, Jordan removed her hand from Kennedy’s back. The panting girl remained in her position, not sure her legs were ever actually going to work again after that. Jordan smiled and helped her stand up.
“Come on baby. Let’s go to the bedroom. Once you recover, I’d like to make sure the neighbors hear a few more times just exactly who you belong to” Jordan said, smacking Kennedy’s ass rather hard.
“OW. Geez Jordan. At least let me make you as wobbly as I am right now before we go getting completely out of control” she said, winking.

They spent the rest of the afternoon in bed, messing up the sheets and annoying the neighbors. It was just one of those days.

                          The End

Vandal’s Remorse Part 2

Kennedy followed Jordan into their apartment, her hands buried deep in her pockets. She couldn’t find any words to say, and Jordan certainly wasn’t filling the silence. Kennedy shut the door behind her after walking in, being exceedingly gentle. Jordan sighed deeply and turned around to face her. Her shorter girlfriend just looked up at her, her shoulders trembling a little. Jordan pulled Kennedy into her arms, holding the girl tight.
“I’m sorry” she whispered, burying her face in the fabric of Jordan’s hoodie. Jordan pulled her away gently after a few minutes.
“I love you. But you are in more trouble than you could possibly imagine. Do you understand?” Jordan asked, absentmindedly running her fingers through Kennedy’s hair. She barely managed a nod, looking down at the ground.
“What do you think I should do, sweetheart?” She asked gently. Kennedy shrugged and mumbled inaudibly.
“Try again, Kennie. I didn’t hear you” she said. Kennedy sighed.
“I need to be spanked, Jordan. We both know that.” She said, looking up at her girlfriend, no sarcasm or attitude in her tone. Jordan was slightly shocked at the honesty and bluntness of the girl, but she decided to roll with it.
“Yes, Kennedy. You do. Let’s get this over with, okay?” She said, kissing Kennedy on the forehead. Kennedy half smiled and nodded. Jordan took her hand and pulled her gently down the hall and into their bedroom. Jordan gestured for Kennedy to sit on their bed while she got things ready. She obliged, hopping up onto the bed. She played with her hands and tried to calm herself down. She knew she was in more trouble than she’d ever been in before, and she was terrified. Kennedy played back the last few hours in her head and sighed. What she did really wasn’t going to make up for whatever was about to happen.
This all started because of a stupid test score. Kennedy was taking a class called Microeconomics In Classical Literature. She absolutely hated the class, but for some reason, the University counted it towards her prerequisite credit for Public Speaking. She hated the prospect of public speaking more than she hated this option. That was, until she found out how the teacher graded. Both Jazz and Frankie were in the same class, so they had all studied together for the first test. When they received the grades, they were all devastated. They all had gotten F’s on their very first test. After some further investigation (conducted by Jazz), they found that over half the class had gotten the same results. Frankie suggested they give the professor the benefit of the doubt, and wait until the next test to make judgements. A few weeks later, they found themselves in the same position. That was when Kennedy suggested they find out where the professor lived, and vandalize his house. Frankie and Jazz were more than agreeable to this idea, and the planning commenced immediately. A few days later, they staked out the house and made sure everything was kosher. Everything would’ve gone according to plan had Jazz not dropped her can of spray paint. Or at least Kennedy thought so. But it was too late now. Kennedy was here, awaiting her punishment. She wondered for a moment whether they’d caught Jazz and what they did to her and Frankie. At least she wasn’t in that damn cell anymore.

Jordan made sure her girlfriend got up onto the bed before walking into the closet and shutting the door. She had come in her with the intention of grabbing a few things and then turning right back around to do what she needed to. But once she was in the quiet of the closet, she decided to close the door and think a little in the silence.
She had never had to give Kennedy as serious a punishment as the one she was about to give. It scared her, and she didn’t want Kennedy to see her like that. She knew what needed to be done, but she still hadn’t worked out what exactly she was going to do yet. In the early hours of the morning, when she received the call from the jail, all she had in mind was storming down there and spanking Kennedy in her cell, and she didn’t give a damn who saw. But she knew that was a bad idea, so she tried to figure out an alternative.
The bail was set to several thousand dollars, and Jordan had maybe a few hundred in her account. She hated doing it, but she called Kennedy’s parents. They agreed to help out by transferring the money to Jordan. Jordan told them not to bother going with to the jail, it was a long drive for them, and she could take care of it. Besides, she was extremely mad at Kennedy and didn’t think she deserved the comfort of her parents when she got out. After she’d arrived and got everything settled to get her bratty, delinquent girlfriend out of jail, she melted. Seeing Kennedy so scared and small, she wanted to wrap the girl up and never let anyone touch her again. Occasionally, she had flitting thoughts of mad she actually should be, but they’d disappear again. 
Now, she was scared. She still wanted to smother Kennedy in love. But she knew what Kennedy had earned for herself, and for the first time since they’d started dating, Kennedy was actually almost asking her for it. Jordan ran a hand down her face and sighed. She pushed off the wall she’d been leaning on and grabbed the three things she’d come in to get before coming back out of the closet. Kennedy was sitting on the edge of the bed, right where she left her. Jordan set the things on the bed, watching Kennedy’s reaction out of the corner of her eye. After each implement was laid down, there was a distinct wince with every one. Jordan sighed and gently took hold of Kennedy’s chin, bringing it up to look her in the eyes.
“I love you. But you knew better than to do what you did. Before we start, I need a full explanation of what happened, and why. And don’t bother lying to me, little one. You’re already in enough trouble” she said, kissing Kennedy’s forehead before letting go of her chin. Kennedy sniffled and launched in a full, honest account of everything leading up to what they did, and afterwards. As the story progressed, Jordan sat down next to her on the bed and listened, her arms crossed. Kennedy took a deep breath and finished with “so…yeah.”
Jordan sighed.
“Kennedy Ray Arlington. What am I going to do with you?” She asked, shaking her head. Her girlfriend wiped away a tear and shrugged, staring intently at the ground. Jordan hugged her tight before standing up. She took her girlfriend’s hand and pulled her over to the chair in the corner, allowing Kennedy to hop off the bed carefully. Jordan sat in the chair and looked up at her short girlfriend. Kennedy started to automatically lower herself over her thighs, but Jordan stopped her.
“No, Kennie. You don’t get your jeans this time. Take them off” she said, making sure she knew she wasn’t kidding. There was only a moment of hesitation before she did as she was told and then lowered herself over her girlfriend’s knees. Jordan put one hand on her back and the other on her ass.
“This is only the beginning of your punishment. I want you to take it like a good girl, okay?” Jordan asked, waiting for an answer before starting.
“I’ll try” she replied. Jordan nodded once before starting to spank Kennedy. She wasn’t going easy this time, and she definitely wasn’t using this as a warm up. She started with force, but kept a slow rhythm. A small yelp escaped Kennedy’s mouth, the immediate strength of the spanking taking her by surprise.
“Owww babe” she whined, reaching back a little while she squirmed. Jordan took her hand and pinned it a little roughly to her back.
“Little one, I told you to take this part like a good girl. I’m disappointed in you. Lie still and stop squirming or we’ll skip to the first implement. Do you understand me?” Jordan scolded, spanking her even harder. Kennedy immediately stopped squirming and laid still as best she could. She had already sort of forgotten how much trouble she was in. Putting up a fuss this early on wasn’t a good idea. She held onto Jordan’s wrist with her fingers, making her captive hand seem a little more comfortable. After a few minutes, Jordan let go and helped her to her feet. Jordan stayed in the chair and gestured to the bed.
“Can you get the hairbrush, please?” She asked. Kennedy nodded, resisting the urge to rub her ass. She knew if she did, she’d be in more trouble. She took the heavy wooden hairbrush and hesitated momentarily before walking back to Jordan. Jordan took it from her and set it in her lap before leaning forward and pulling down Kennedy’s Kingdom Hearts underwear. She reflexively folded her hands in front of herself, embarassed. Jordan rolled her eyes before pulling Kennedy back over her knees.
“You messed up Kennedy. You messed up badly. What made you think it was okay to do that to another human being’s house?” Jordan scolded, starting to spank her hard with the hairbrush. Her girlfriend yelped and squirmed.
“I don’t know…he OWW he was grading OWWWW Jordan..he was grading really unf-Owww-airly” she protested, trying to talk between her own whining. Jordan shook her head and started on the girl’s upper thighs, lightening the blows a little.
“It is never okay to vandalize someone’s property, Kennedy Ray, and you know that. Don’t even pretend you didn’t know that” she lectured, going back to spanking her ass. Kennedy whined and started to kick a little. Jordan gave her a few more good smacks before setting the brush down and helping Kennedy to her feet again. Kennedy blinked back her tears and looked down at Jordan. Jordan nodded towards the bed.
“Go get the next one, baby girl.” She said, smiling encouragingly at her. Kennedy shuffled over to the bed and looked down at the two remaining objects. One was Jordan’s black leather belt and the other was the wooden spoon. She sighed and picked up the spoon before walking back and handed it to Jordan. Jordan wrapped her arms around the girl’s waist and hugged her tight for a moment. Kennedy sniffled when the embrace ended, but went willingly back over Jordan’s lap.
“You’re better than this, little one. The Kennedy I know doesn’t go around vandalizing other people’s property. She doesn’t get locked up in jail for being a delinquent. The Kennedy I know sticks her tongue out at me, flips me off, or smacks my ass occasionally until she gets spanked for it, and then she’s good. But you, this new and “improved” Kennedy feels it’s okay to break the law. And since you feel that that’s appropriate, I’ll deal with you like the little brat you are.”She finished, immediately beginning to spank Kennedy with the spoon, hard. Kennedy yelped and squirmed vigorously, trying desperately to free herself from her girlfriend’s lap.
“Owww Jordan please. Please baby, I’m sorry. I swear I’ll never do it again!” She pleaded, kicking and squirming as the rain of blows from the spoon continued to fall on her already bright red ass.
“I’m going to make sure of that. Before last night, I didn’t know you were capable of doing something like this. But here we are. So I’m making damn sure you never even think about vandalizing again, little one”Jordan said, focusing entirely on her girlfriend’s sit spots now. Kennedy began to cry and whine louder, her pain threshold nearing its max.
“Please, Jo” she whimpered. Jordan paused, knowing Kennedy needed a break.
“You know better, Kennedy Ray. After tonight, you’re going to be grounded until further notice from seeing either Jazz or Frankie. You don’t need to get into any new trouble with them. There’s no doubt in my mind that you were the evil genius behind this, believe me. But they aren’t good influences on you either. You will not be going out alone with your friends for awhile. And in the morning tomorrow, I want you to go to this man’s house and clean up the mess you’ve made. Do you understand me?” Jordan asked. Kennedy squirmed a little and sniffled.
“But…all by myself? That’s not fair” She whined.
“Kennedy Ray Arlington, do not test me right now. If you can get your friends to help you, fine. But only to help clean. You will not be socializing. Got it?”She asked, waiting for the nod from Kennedy before patting her butt.
“Hop up for me, please” she said, setting the spoon on the floor. Kennedy obliged, sniffling. She knew the next and final bit was going to be the worst.
“Okay baby girl. You know what you need to do, right?” Jordan asked. Her small girlfriend walked to the bed and obediently bent over the edge it, gathering handfuls of the blankets into her hands. Jordan picked up the belt and felt it against her hands. She always did this out of habit, just to remind herself of the power and strength this implement had. Kennedy was going to need to remember this punishment for a long time to come if it was going to effectively deter her from doing what she did again.
“I love you, little one. I’m going to give you ten with the belt, okay? And I need you to count them out loud for me. You know the rules. If you stand up, that one won’t count. Okay?”she asked, placing one hand gently on Kennedy’s lower back. Kennedy nodded, clenching the blankets in her hands tighter. Jordan took a deep breath and started.
“One ma’am” Kennedy whimpered.
“Owww. Two ma’am” she said a little louder. She got to number six before accidentally standing up.
“Owww Jordan..please. please no more. I’m sorry” she whined, rubbing her stinging ass.
“Kennedy Ray. Bend back over and stop rubbing. You know better. We’re back to five” she said sternly. Kennedy slowly obeyed, crying quietly. Jordan began again, her heart hurting a little for her girlfriend.
“F-five” Kennedy said, crying a little louder. Jordan continued, getting to the last one before pausing. Kennedy was now sobbing hard, holding onto the bed.
“Last one, baby girl. You’re doing great”she said encouragingly. She raised the belt high and brought it down harder than any of the others. Kennedy yelled out in pain and tried to stutter out the count, but couldn’t. Jordan set the belt down on the bed and pulled the crying girl into her arms.
“It’s okay. You’re okay. I love you” she said, rocking her girlfriend back and forth gently. Kennedy cried hard for a long time, holding on tightly to Jordan. After a while, she pulled away a little to wipe her eyes.
“I’m s-sorry, Jordan”she sputtered. Jordan held her tight.
“You’re forgiven, baby. It’s okay. It’s over” she said, before kissing her girlfriend softly. They cuddled for most of the rest of the day, before Jordan set to finding out what happened to Kennedy’s friends and if they’d help her clean up tomorrow. Apparently Jazz was still in jail until further notice (her parents wouldn’t pay her bail) and Frankie said he’d help(reluctantly). Kennedy vowed never to vandalize again, although she’d probably never tell her friends why she was so obstinate about it.

                             The End

Just a quick thing

I wanted to make a note that I’m not posting the stories in any particular order as of yet. The stories with nsfw tags are just random and typically have no correlation to each other unless they’ve been labeled as part of a series. The stories about how Kennedy and Jordan started out are in order, but are being posted intermittently between the other stories. Sorry for any confusion.

Vandal’s Remorse Part One

It was three in the morning, but it wasn’t nearly dark enough. It was one of those annoying nights that were unnaturally lit by the fullness of the moon and the reflectivity of the clouds. Kennedy cursed the moon Gods, deciding anyways to go through with her plan.
“Okay. It’s okay. We can do this. Frankie, you grab the purple bags and the forks. Jazz, can you get the yellow bag and the flashlights, please?” Kennedy delegated, grabbing the blue and the black bags, hopping out of the car swiftly. She looked up at the house, completely dark and looming in the night. She sighed and glanced up at the moon again.
“If we’re not careful, they’re going to see us in this moonlight. Everyone get your shit and lets do this.” Kennedy said, her voice steady despite the thumping of her racing heart.
“Yes, Master.” Frankie joked, making a face at Kennedy. A middle finger was the only response. Kennedy waiting until everyone was out of the car before creeping along the side of the house, into the shadows. Her small crew followed her, though not nearly as stealthily. Jazz was a small girl but probably the clumsiest person Kennedy had ever met. She could be standing completely still and still fall over. But this time, it was Frankie that made the racket.
“Fuck! Fuck!! There’s a spider web all over me!!” He yelled, yelping and doing a ridiculous sort of dance to get it off. He’d dropped his two purple bags (both filled with shaving cream) and his bulk sized bag of plastic forks. The clanging seemed to Kennedy to be loud enough to wake the entire neighborhood. She gently set her bags down and strode over to Frankie. She smacked him upside the head and picked up his bags, hurrying back to her own before continuing into the backyard. Jazz was snickering under her breath, watching Kennedy’s face as she got as far ahead of them as she could. Next time, she was bringing better friends, she decided.
“Okay. Frankie, please do the forks. Quietly. I can’t trust you with the shaving cream yet. And Jazz, you do your thing over on the right side, but please please be quiet.” She said, her voice annoyed but still controlled. She watched the two of them for a minute, supervising, before grabbing her bags and getting to work. She had become somewhat of an artist at toilet papering houses, having done it since she was 12. She knew how to get to the highest branches, and how to make complete coverage without being messy. She was on her sixth roll when she paused to check on Frankie and Jazz. Jazz was finishing her tag, the bright yellow spray paint dripping a little into the grass. Kennedy smiled. Just as she’d asked, it said ‘YOU GRADE LIKE AN ASS’ . She turned around to see Frankie sticking the last of his forks into the grass, wiping his forehead as he stood up. He noticed Kennedy watching and smiled, giving her the ‘gimme it’ hand gesture. She rolled her eyes and handed him the two bags of shaving cream before going back to papering the trees. Just as Kennedy was about to finish, she heard a loud metallic crash and a hissing sound. She spun around, seeing Jazz fumbling, trying to get ahold of a spray paint can that had been punctured on the concrete patio. Kennedy swore and grabbed her bags and started to run. Frankie ditched his bags, tossing the two cans of shaving cream he was using into the grass before taking off after her. Jazz realized a few seconds too late that they’d already started to leave. She ran as hard as she could towards the car they had parked in the street. The lights in the house were already on, and the man inside had been watching out the windows, seeing the last vandal dash out to the get away car. He was already on the phone with Greeley Police Department, and he gave them the license plate number, description of the car and the people inside.
Kennedy hauled ass out of the neighborhood, but she didn’t get very far before she was being pulled over. She cursed and threw her bags at Jazz in the back seat, telling her to sit on them. She obeyed silently. The police officer knocked hard on the drivers side window, pointing his flashlight at Kennedy. She sighed and rolled it down, using the hand crank. He practically yelled, the second it was all the way down.
“License and registration! All of you, I need your driver’s licenses or a means of identification, NOW.” He demanded. Kennedy fumbled around, trying to get her wallet out of her glove box along with her registration. Both Jazz and Frankie reluctantly produced their licenses through the back window, which Jazz had rolled down. The officer scowled as he like at each one.
“Kennedy Arlington, Franklin Prose, and Jasmine Seer. You all are going to need to come with me to the station. You’re under arrest for vandalism and destruction of property. Remove your keys from the vehicle and get out with your hands up.”He said, smiling a little. All three of them did, Jazz tripping a little as she got out. The officer began handcuffing them, starting with Kennedy. Jazz was slowly backing away, and eventually took off running before the officer could lay a finger on her. Kennedy and Frankie got in the back seat of the squad car as the officer called for back up. He waited until they arrived before taking the two others to the station.
“Your little friend just added a few new charges to get record. You two stay quiet and do what I tell you and you’ll be better off.”He said, his tone still condescending and annoyed.

Several hours later, Kennedy was being shook awake. She sat up, remembering she was in a holding cell in the local police station. She’d been there for most of the night and it was already bright outside.She looked to see who was waking her up. It was a different officer than before.
“Ms. Arlington? I’m Officer Harrisson. Your bail has been posted. You’re free to go.”She said, gesturing to the cell door. Kennedy looked behind Officer Harrison, only to see her girlfriend, Jordan, standing there. She had her arms crossed and she was glaring right at Kennedy.
“Uh. Right. If I’m reported dead in the next 24 to 48 hours, she’s your prime suspect. Okay?”Kennedy said to Officer Harrison.
“If you were mine, I’d kill you too, kid. Watch your mouth and hop to it.” She said. Kennedy pouted but stood up and walked over to Jordan. Jordan took her by the upper arm and led her out of the station, walking faster than her shorter girlfriend could manage without almost jogging.
“Jordan, slow down, you’re gonna rip my arm off!” Kennedy yelped as she tripped over the sidewalk curb. Jordan’s blood was already boiling, and this little remark tipped her over the edge. She let go of her girlfriend and turned around to face her.
“What in the hell were you thinking, Kennedy Ray? It’s always something with you. You just can’t behave yourself for any amount of time, can you? You just cost us money we don’t even have. I had to call your parents and ask them for help getting you out. You…you…damn it, Kennedy, don’t look at me like that!” She yelled, her rant growing weaker as the wounded look on Kennedy’s face deepened. Her bottom lip had started to wobble and just a few seconds later, she burst into tears. Jordan sighed and pulled the girl close, wrapping her up in her arms. Kennedy clung to her, grabbing a fistful of her girlfriend’s shirt as she cried. Jordan ran her fingers through the smaller girl’s hair and held her tight. She wasn’t finished with her yet, but Kennedy had just spent the night locked up and was probably already plenty terrified before she went off and screamed at her. Kennedy slowly calmed down and wiped her tears away, still sniffling.
“I’m sorry Jordan. I really am.”She said quietly. Jordan half smiled.
“I know. But you know we’re going to need to talk about this when we get home.” Jordan replied. Kennedy looked down and nodded a little, her chest starting to hurt again from the guilt. Jordan took her girlfriend’s small, cold hand and walked her quietly back to their car. They rode home in silence, Jordan never letting go of Kennedy’s hand.

New Beginnings

Jordan paced up and down the hall, trying to tune out the thumping of the music playing in one of her neighbor’s apartments. It sounded like Skrillex, which made her more annoyed. She hated Skrillex almost as much as she hated country music. She ran her hand down her face, groaning quietly. It had been a long time since she felt this way about a girl before. Since she’d started college, she was more interested in having fun. Going out, taking a girl home, and probably not seeing her again unless she walked past her on campus. But this new girl, Kennedy. She couldn’t stop thinking about her. Just the mere thought of the short, black haired girl made her stomach hurt a little and her heart race. They’d barely exchanged a few sentences, bur Jordan longed for more.

Kennedy sighed and sat up in her bed, officially giving up on sleep. Her first day had turned out to be somewhat of a nightmare. She got lost more times than she could count, she was fifteen minutes to her last class because she was reading her schedule wrong. And to top it all off, a guy who had to close to seven feet tall nailed her on his little bmx bike, and had the nerve to yell at her for being in the way. Kennedy had tried to point out that there were two sidewalks, one for bikes or skateboards and one for pedestrians. But he had peddled off, flipping her off as he wobbled away on his too-small bike. But despite all of that, she couldn’t get the girl she met before her first class off her mind. The tall, confident girl named Jordan. Jordan had such a commanding presence that Kennedy was simultaneously intimidated and intrigued by her. She had no way of finding the girl, and she hated to admit it. If there was any way she could think to find her, she’d do it. But all she had was the girls first name.

Jordan stopped pacing and decided to try something. She went back into her apartment and grabbed her phone, her keys, and her longboard. She was going to try to find someone that knew this girl. Technically she could wait until next Monday, since she knew exactly where this girl had a class, and when. But she wasn’t willing to wait. Besides, it was the first week of school and there wasn’t any real homework to be doing. She took off down the street, kicking hard against the pavement until she felt she was going fast enough. She smiled involuntarily as she felt the wind against her face and heard the rumbling of her wheels on the street. She rode the small hill until she got to 10th Avenue. She made a hard right, forgetting that this late at night, there wasn’t really any street traffic to avoid. She crossed the road, slowing down a little. There was a small cluster of dormitories here on this side of campus, and Kennedy could be in one of them. She hopped off her board and headed towards a clustered group of kids. She raised an eyebrow when she smelled the pungent odor of marijuana, but continued approaching, determined to find this girl. She stood a little behind the circle and cleared her throat.
“Hi. My name is Jordan. I was wondering if-” she started, before being interrupted. The interrupter was a tall, skinny kid with long black dreadlocks and a filthy orange beanie. He held his hand up in demand of silence, his long bony fingers twitching a little.
“We aren’t selling, bro. And we definitely don’t have room for one more. So hop back on your board and find another source, a’ight?” He finished, smiling a lazy smile, his eyes barely open.
“Uh, no thanks actually. I just wanted to ask you guys if you knew a girl named Kennedy. I’m pretty sure she’s a freshman.” She said, switching her board to her other hand. She wasn’t going to let this kid brush her off like that, even if they might not know the girl she was looking for. A girl in a long green shirt and a brown tank top shifted and coughed a little. She ran her hand through her hair, making what little of it she had stand straight up.
“I… kinda know her.” She said quietly. Jordan smiled at her, trying to win the affection of her only lead thus far.
“You do? Do you know which dorm she’s in?” Jordan asked, keeping her voice steady and controlled.
“Not exactly. I mean, I met her outside of Weibking. She’s the one that sold us this..uh..well yeah. That’s where I met her” the girl trailed off. Jordan’s eyes narrowed involuntarily. So Kennedy was the new campus dealer. But she was so small, so cute. Jordan sighed and thanked the group vaguely before skating away on her board.

Kennedy jumped down off her top bunk and landed hard on the floor beneath her. She winced a little before shoving her Vans on her feet and leaving her room. Her roommate hadn’t been around for a few hours, and she didn’t really know too many people yet. So she’d wander campus alone until she found something to do or was tired enough to go back and sleep. She walked out of Sabin Hall, rolling her eyes when she smelled the reeking group of stoners that were sitting in a circle in the grass. She veered off in the other direction, walking towards the Student Center. She had brought her phone and habitually had headphones with her at all times, so she plugged in and listened to some One Republic while she walked. She let her mind wander to Jordan, smiling to herself as she went. She was so distracted, she hadn’t realized she’d already walked all the way to the library. She sat down on a bench, trying to decide what to do next. Kennedy looked around, realizing how dark and quiet this part of campus was this late at night. She had heard a strange noise off in the distance, it sounded like it was coming from the between the trees. Eventually she saw that it was a person riding on a longboard, the noise being the wheels clunking against the cracks in the sidewalk. She started to stand up, unsure what to do. They told her in all those stupid new student orientations not to go outside alone at night. But here she was, alone. At night. With a stranger coming at her on a skateboard. Which could count as a weapon. Assuming they didn’t have a weapon already. She crouched back down on the bench, trying to blend in with it. As the stranger got nearer, she realized it was a girl. But that didn’t mean much. Girls could be dangerous too. So she stayed crouched. The girl skidded a little, stopping abruptly in front of Kennedy.
“Kennedy?” The girl asked, her voice wavering a little. Kennedy sat straight up, slowly recognizing Jordan.
“Jo-Jordan, right?” She stuttered. She smiled and could feel her face growing red.
“Yeah. What are you doing out here?” She asked, smiling. Kennedy shrugged.
“I guess I couldn’t sleep. Wanna sit?” She asked, patting the spot on the bench beside her. Jordan hesitated.
“You know, I’ve been thinking about you all day. And I came out on my board tonight trying to find someone that knew you. I really honestly wanted to find you. I wanted to get to know you better, you seemed really sweet.” She said, sighing. Kennedy made a face.
“I mean..I’ve been thinking about you all day too, and I kinda like you. But you keep using the past tense. Did I change your mind because I’m the kinda girl that sits on benches alone at night?” She asked, trying to keep the hurt edge out of her tone. Jordan looked behind her, trying to figure out her words before she said them.
“No, not that. It’s just…there was a group of people outside on the grass on the other side of campus. I asked if they knew you. One girl said she did.” Jordan said, trying to get Kennedy to admit it herself.
“You mean the stoners?” She asked, still not comprehending. Jordan nodded and then continued.
“This girl with really short hair told me she knew you. She told me you were the one that sold them their weed. So I guess I gave up looking for you. I really liked you, at least I thought I did. But I don’t really put up with that stuff. It’s not okay with me. But yet, here you are.” She said, looking Kennedy up and doen sadly. Kennedy stammered, trying to defend herself.
“This is gonna seem like a lie, but I swear to god I’ve never dealt pot in my life. I’ve never even smoked it. I’ll admit I have been curious, but I’ve never done it. It wasn’t me.” She crossed her arms, tearing up involuntarily.
“You think there’s another Kennedy here?” Jordan asked, raising her eyebrow.
“There’s gotta be. Give me a chance. Let me prove it to you. Please. Give me a chance. Can we go talk to them, and if they recognize me as the dealer Kennedy, I’ll leave you alone.” She pleaded. Jordan smiled a little. The girl was begging with her. She couldn’t help but think it was cute. It sort of oddly turned her on a little.
“Fine. But if they don’t recognize you, I want a date out of you. Okay?” She said, holding out her hand for Kennedy to shake. Instead, she took the girls hand and held it, walkinh boldly towards the other side of campus.
“Deal.” She said loudly. Jordan stumbled and let herself be led a little by the shorter girl, laughing quietly at her sudden display of dominance. They walked in silence, Jordan squeezing Kennedy’s hand once, just because. They made it to the grass, and they could see the smoky group of stoners sitting in the exact same spot as before. Kennedy strode boldly over to them, letting go of Jordan’s hand.
“Hey. You guys. Does anyone know me?  Does anyone know my name? Who am I?” She asked, gesturing awkwardly to her face. No one said anything. Jordan spoke up.
“You. With the short hair. Who is this?” She said, touching Kennedy’s back. The short haired girl shrugged. Kennedy laughed.
“Am I your dealer? Does anyone buy weed from me? Does anyone know my name?” She asked.
“You’re a lunatic as far as we know, lady.” The skinny kid with the long black dreadlocks said, annoyed.
“This, this is Kennedy.” Jordan said. The girl with the short hair laughed.
“Not my Kennedy. Our Kennedy is a chunky little Asian girl.” She said. Jordan and Kennedy looked and each other and started laughing. They both waved at the group of stoners, walking away so they could talk alone.
“See? I told ya. I’m not a dealer.” She said, nudging Jordan on the shoulder. Jordan rolled her eyes and laughed.
“You’re too cute to be a drug dealer.”she said quietly. Kennedy grinned and turned red.
“So. You owe me a date.” She said, looking Jordan up and down suggestively.
“I guess I do. Tomorrow night, I’ll come get you. In my car, obviously. Which dorm are you in?” She asked, taking charge.
‘Sabin. Right there.” She said, pointing. Jordan smiled.
“Okay. I’ll pick you up right here. Seven work for you?” She asked. Kennedy nodded and kissed Jordan on the cheek before hurrying away into her dorm. Jordan walked home, knowing she definitely wouldn’t be sleeping tonight.

                           The End